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Top 5 Benefits of Home Appliance Inspections

What are some advantages to having a home appliance inspection done by a professionalPeople usually hire a professional home inspector when they want to buy or sell a house. Although this is a legitimate reason to ask for expert advice, having these important devices checked on a regular basis has a lot of advantages.

That’s why more and more people who live in San Diego, CA, choose to hire specialists in appliances inspection. This article lays out the top 5 benefits appliance check-ups bring. Read on.

What are some advantages to having a home appliance inspection done by a professional?

Hiring an expert in any field is always a good choice, especially when it comes to home inspections. Here is how you can gain from an appliance examination:

1. Save money

The main purpose of home appliance inspection is the detection of safety issues related to structure, electricity and plumbing. Professional home appliance inspectors are trained to identify possible issues and anticipate them. They will most certainly notice something that you might have overlooked or didn’t even know about. 

Inspectors can identify the weak spots around the house and save you a lot of money that you’d spend on repairing it if some kind of damage occurred.

2. Avoid problems

An electrical safety inspection helps you avoid problems caused by appliances’ malfunction. One of the 5 important things covered by home appliance inspection is the washing machine hose. If it has cracks or weak areas it can leak, which subsequently leads to water damage. If the wires of an electrical device are damaged they can spark and start a fire. These are primarily safety issues, but the costs of remediation are also an important factor to consider. 

3. Keep your appliances efficient

Regular inspection ensures that your electrical system is running at optimal performance. If you detect a problem or malfunction at an early stage, you can avoid wasting electricity or water and increasing your bills. While the length of a home appliance inspection varies depending on the type of electronic device, one thing that is a constant is that it’s cost-effective, especially in the long run. This way you are also more likely to meet energy efficiency standards.

4. Better home price

Regardless of whether you’re interested in buying a new house or selling your current residency, it’s always a good idea to hire an expert. If you invest some money in minor repairs, you’ll get a better price for your home. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a new property, you should know what you’re planning on buying and an impartial estimate would be very handy.   

5. Get advice and have issues explained to you

If you’re present during home appliance inspection you can ask questions, clear up potential doubts, get educated and understand the essence of the problem. Although most people’s goal is not to make a career out of it, knowing a thing or two about potential hazards and how to prevent them is certainly beneficial.

Where in San Diego, CA, can I book a quality appliances inspectionWhere in San Diego, CA, can I book a quality appliances inspection?

Finding a reliable and trustworthy home appliance inspector takes careful consideration. Luckily for you, you don’t need to rack your brain any longer because The Inspectors Company is a suitable match for you. Our top specialist will inspect your home with utmost care and diligence and detect any problem. 

We also provide a RecallCheck service and a detailed specification of your home appliances and the state they’re in. Enjoy the amenities of SeaWorld San Diego amusement park while our dedicated experts give your home a thorough examination. Book today!

Home Appliance Inspections 101

What is the main purpose of an appliance inspectionPeople don’t normally have their appliances checked by professionals. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. However, if you’re planning to purchase or sell a home that contains appliances, having these important devices examined thoroughly is key to preventing further problems down the road.

While you can examine home appliances by yourself, it’s always better to have it done by a professional. That’s why so many property sellers and buyers in San Diego, CA, opt for the services of an appliances inspector. This article outlines a simple guide to home appliance inspection.

What is the main purpose of an appliance inspection?

The primary reason for having an appliance checkup done is safety. One of the main benefits of home appliance inspection is identifying structural and plumbing issues and electrical problems. 

Furthermore, performing an appliance inspection before purchasing a home that comes with pre-existing appliances is necessary to ensure you’re not buying defective devices that will require costly replacements or repairs down the line. 

If you’re a property seller, ensuring your appliances are in good condition will prevent disagreements with prospective buyers and keep you from having to renegotiate your asking price to account for any defective appliances. 

Here are some things that should definitely be on your checklist:

1. Garbage disposal

One of the top 5 things that home appliance inspectors check is the garbage disposal. If it’s clogged with food, grease or hair it can cause water damage. Appliance inspectors check if it makes gurgling sounds or vibrations. If you want to clean the disposal you can pour some hot water and white vinegar down the drain.

2. Built-in appliances in the kitchen

These include wall ovens, surface cooktops, dishwashers, built-in microwaves, and disposals. When it comes to oven checkup, inspectors keep it on for 15 minutes at 350F, they look at rust and broken parts and check the light while it’s heating up. They also establish if the oven has reached the approximate designated temperature.

Dishwashers are typically run on a normal cycle to make sure that water isn’t leaking. Flap door which is used for additional detergent is closed to see if it opens properly. Generally speaking, the duration of a home appliance inspection can vary depending on the size of the house, and the number of rooms and components.

3. Air conditioner filter

This needs to be inspected regularly to make sure that the air quality isn’t reduced. A dirty filter spreads dust and germs and it needs to be rinsed or vacuumed from time to time. If it becomes worn, you should replace it.

Which appliances are not usually checked by Home Inspectors?

Home appliance inspectors don’t normally check removable appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, countertop appliances like countertop microwaves unless they are built-in as well as central vacuum systems.

According to the ASHI Standards of Practice inspectors are not obliged to examine thermostats, door seals, self-cleaning oven cycles, timers, and other specialized appliance features.

Which appliances are not usually checked by Home InspectorsWhere in San Diego, CA can I find a dependable appliances inspector?

If you need a detailed inspection of your home appliances then The Inspectors Company is the perfect choice. Our seasoned experts are InterNACHI certified and they will meet all your specific requirements and detect any malfunction. 

Stroll down Balboa Park while our vetted pros see to the careful inspection of your home appliances. Contact us today and make an appointment!

3 Reasons to Inspect a Septic Tank in Your New Property

Is a septic inspection required in CaliforniaPeople don’t usually pay attention to the state of the septic system when they look for a new home. However, a malfunctioning septic tank can cause many problems, and its repair can be very costly. That’s why there are numerous reasons to check the septic tank in your new house.

As this calls for professional assistance, it’s no wonder that so many people rely on the services of reputable San Diego septic tank inspectors. This article provides the argumentation for septic inspection in new properties. 

Is a septic inspection required in California?

According to California law, every real estate with an on-site septic system needs to be inspected before the property is sold. The inspection has to be done by a licensed company and must document how the septic system is working before the ownership is changed. 

The seller needs to inform the buyer about any known issues with the draining system. If the seller fails to do that and problems emerge, the seller is liable for the damage caused by the septic system malfunction. The benefit of regular septic inspection is that it can help prevent the inconvenience of a lawsuit and additional costs of repair. 

Why is a septic inspection important when buying a new home?

There are many good reasons to inspect the septic system before you buy a new home. Here are some of them: 

1. Avoid additional costs

First of all, you can’t rely on home inspectors to give you valid information about the septic system if they are not adequately trained. They will inspect it very briefly and likely miss something. If the seller fails to do a septic inspection, it may increase the initial costs, but knowing what you’re getting yourself into pays off. 

When you hire professional inspectors, you know exactly how much you need to invest in your new property and what the current state of affairs is. If it turns out that the septic system needs a repair that involves additional costs, you can negotiate the lower price.     

2. Prevent expensive repairs

Since you are legally entitled to visit the property before buying it, use this opportunity to look for signs that a septic tank should be inspected. Even if you don’t notice anything unusual, you should still hire a licensed inspector to check everything. This may seem unnecessary, but it’s more cost-effective to know what the weak spots are before any water damage occurs.

3. Protect yourself from contamination

Water damage doesn’t only create additional costs, it also jeopardizes your health. When the septic tank fills up, it causes blockage and overflow, which leads to flooding. The water from the sewer is highly contaminated with bacteria and viruses and the sanitation costs can be grave. Gasses coming from the toilet or drains are toxic and long exposure can cause health problems. 

Since septic inspection entails taking samples of wastewater and testing it for contaminants, you’ll be on the safe side if you have the draining system examined before you buy the house. 

Why is a septic inspection important when buying a new homeWhich San Diego septic tank inspectors should I opt for?

While you can’t know all the potential flaws of a real estate before you buy it, the detection of problems with a septic system is affordable and accessible. If you are looking for licensed and reliable septic system experts you can always count on The Inspectors Company.

Our seasoned pros are InterNACHI certified and use proven methods of inspection. You can go to the Whaley House while our dedicated experts inspect the septic system of your new home. Book today!  

5 Signs That You Should Inspect Your Septic Tank

What are the signs that a septic tank needs to be pumpedA septic tank that malfunctions can cause a lot of damage and sanitation can be very costly. It’s why every homeowner should be familiar with key indicators that show you should inspect your septic tank.

Since this is very complex, a lot of people prefer to leave this to professional septic tank inspectors in San Diego. This article outlines the top signs that you should have your septic system checked.  

What are the signs that a septic tank needs to be pumped?

Although you should leave the pumping and inspection to the professionals, there are some signals that you should pay attention to and call for help when you notice them. 

1. Pools of water and soggy grass

If you notice puddles forming in your yard when there has been no rain, this is a sign that untreated wastewater has leaked into your yard and that there is something wrong with your septic system. 

Soggy and abnormally green grass is another indicator of draining system malfunction. One of the reasons why the grass is unnaturally green above the drain field is that it gets additional fertilizer in the form of excessive waste liquid. If you notice this when you are looking around the house that you are thinking of purchasing, you should inspect the septic system before you buy the property.

2. Slow drainage

If you notice that separate drains in your home have been drinking more slowly than usual, this indicates that you should have your septic tank checked. Occasional slow drainage in one or two drains may not be alarming. However, since septic system breakdown can cause a lot of damage, a regular septic inspection is certainly beneficial.  Don’t use commercial drain cleaners as they can damage your draining system. It’s better to call professionals for help.

3. Sewage backup

If you notice that water is draining slowly or pushing back up from the drain when you release large amounts of it by running a dishwasher, doing laundry or emptying a bath, this means that your septic tank should be pumped. In this case it’s advisable to prepare for the septic inspection to avoid overflow and potential water damage.

4. Foul odors

Feeling a sulfurous or sewage smell emanating from the toilet or drains is a signal that your septic tank has filled up. Other than drainage points inside your home, the septic tank itself and areas around pipes can have the same odor. 

5. Gurgling sounds

A full septic tank creates gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet, run water in the sink or let the bathtub drain. If you hear this sound, call a septic service immediately to check your draining system.

How do you evaluate a septic system?

The evaluation of a septic system is very complex. However, there are some key properties that septic services check during inspection:

  • The location, size, and original design of the septic system
  • Soil condition, drainage, and seasonal water table
  • The possibility of flooding the area in which the septic system is situated
  • The date when the septic tank was last pumped
  • The condition of plumbing fixtures and drain field 

How do you evaluate a septic systemWhere can I find reliable septic tank inspectors in San Diego?

If you need a thorough examination of your septic system, look no further than The Inspectors Company. Our bonded professionals use cutting-edge technology to locate any signs of damage or blockage. 

You can let your hair down and visit Old Town while our experienced specialists inspect your tank and sewer lines. Call us today and leave everything in our capable hands! 

The Ins and Outs of Septic Tank Inspections

Ins-and-Outs-of-Septic-Tank-InspectionsThere’s a lot that goes into owning a home, and one of the most important aspects is understanding your septic system. Homes in San Diego that have these systems require regular septic tank inspection to ensure they’re functioning properly and keeping your home and property safe.

Read on for all you need to know about the inspection process and the preparation for it.

What happens during a septic inspection?

An inspection of the septic system is an important procedure that has the benefit of ensuring its proper function and safety. A reliable professional will have no issue with performing it effectively and confidently, so that you can have a peace of mind. The process is very straightforward.

  • Visual examination: The inspection process typically begins with a visual examination of the tank and surrounding area. The inspector will look for signs of damage or leaks, and will also check to see that the tank is the correct size for the property.
  • Pumping out: Next, the inspector will pump out the tank to measure the sludge and scum levels. If these levels are too high, it can indicate that the system is not functioning properly.
  • Taking samples: Finally, the inspector will take samples of the effluent (wastewater) to test for harmful bacteria or other contaminants. The results of the inspection will help to determine if any repairs or maintenance are needed.

How do you prepare for a septic system inspection?

Before the septic system inspection professionals arrive, it is important to have a clear understanding of what they will be looking for and have all the necessary documents and tools easily accessible.

Gather the documents

Gather any warranty information, as-built drawings, and maintenance records you have for the septic system. If you do not have these items, the inspector may still be able to proceed with the inspection, but it will be helpful if you are able to provide this information. Pay special attention to this if the inspection is on a new property.

Enable access to the lids

Next, locate the tank lid(s) and make sure there is no debris blocking them. The inspector will need to access the tank during the inspection, so it is important that they are able to do so easily.

Provide vehicle access

Lastly, provide adequate vehicle access to the septic system components – the inspector may need to drive a truck or ATV over the ground where the leach field is located, in order to properly inspect it.

By taking these steps before the inspection professionals arrive, you can help ensure that the inspection goes smoothly and efficiently.

What-happens-during-a-septic-inspectionWhere in San Diego and the surrounding area can I find an experienced professional to perform a septic tank inspection?

If you’re concerned about the condition of your tank or sewer lines, our professional inspection services at The Inspectors Company can give you the peace of mind you need. We use the latest technology to thoroughly inspect your tank and sewer lines, checking for any signs of damage or blockages.

We also offer thermal imaging services to help locate any potential problems. Our team is highly experienced and qualified to provide you with an accurate assessment of your septic system and to ensure that the system is up to the county regulations and codes.

As long as you’ve prepared everything before the assessment, you’re free to take a few hours to rest on the beach at Point Loma while our pros take care of everything. Call us today to schedule an inspection.

The Benefits of Regular Septic Tank Inspections

Benefits-of-Regular-Septic-Tank-InspectionsIf you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think too much about your septic system until there’s a problem. But did you know that regular inspections of the tank can help prevent problems from happening in the first place?

There are a number of companies that provide homeowners with septic tank inspection if you live in San Diego, so you won’t have any trouble finding a reliable one. Read on for just a few of the many benefits of getting your tank checked out regularly.

Why is it important to maintain septic systems?

While septic systems are typically low-maintenance, it is important to have them regularly inspected and pumped to prevent problems. It goes without saying that this should be left to professionals, who will be happy to explain the process to you if you’re interested in it.

Some of the benefits of maintaining your septic system include:

Preventing sewage backups and overflows

Sewage backups and overflows can create a health hazard by contaminating food and water supplies. They can also damage your home and belongings. Regular inspections will help you identify any problems so that they can be fixed before they cause any damage.

Maintaining the structural integrity

Septic systems are composed of two main parts: the tank and the leach field. The tank is where wastewater from the home is stored, and the leach field is where the water is gradually released back into the ground.

It’s important to regularly inspect both the tank and leach field to ensure that they are functioning properly. Otherwise, sewage can back up into the home, causing serious health hazards.

Preventing water pollution

Every time you flush your toilet or run your dishwasher, waste water enters your septic system. Over time, this waste can build up and pollute the groundwater, negatively impacting the quality of life for you and your neighbors.

Prolonging the lifespan of the system

While having your own system provides greater autonomy, it also means that homeowners are responsible for regularly inspecting and maintaining it to ensure it’s functioning properly. Failure to do so can result in costly repairs or even replacement.

However, by taking some simple steps, you can prolong the lifespan of the system and avoid these costly issues.

How often should you have your septic tank inspected?

Most experts recommend that septic tanks be inspected every three to five years. However, some factors, such as the age of the tank and the size of the household, may require more frequent inspections.


As your septic system ages, it becomes less efficient at treating wastewater. This means that you should have it inspected more often to make sure it is working properly.

A professional inspector can check for signs of wear and tear, and recommend repairs or replacement if necessary.

Number of people

If you live in an area with a high number of people, it’s important to have the tank inspected more often. When there are more people using the same septic system, there’s a greater chance of waste being flushed into the system that can clog or damage it.

Additionally, the additional weight from more people can also put stress on the septic system and cause it to fail.

High water table

A high water table can cause a number of issues, which is why you need to inspect your tank more often if it’s present in your system. Most notably, it can increase the risk of your system “floating” to the surface.

This happens when the water table is higher than the bottom of your tank, causing the tank to float up out of the ground. This is a sign that an urgent inspection is necessary.

Why-is-it-important-to-maintain-septic-systemsWhere can I find professionals to perform a thorough septic tank inspection in San Diego and the surrounding area?

At The Inspectors Company, we understand that your home is your biggest investment. That’s why we offer a complete range of home inspection services, from septic tank inspection to roof inspection.

We also offer sewer line inspection, pool inspection, thermal imaging and more. Whether you’re looking to inspect your new property or just want to make sure your existing home is in top condition, we can help. You’re free to relax at La Jolla Cove while we work away.

5 Signs that You Need a New Sewer Line

5 Signs that You Need a New Sewer Line

It’s not often that we think about our plumbing until something goes wrong. And when something does go wrong, it’s often a big problem that needs to be fixed right away. Fortunately, if you live in San Diego, you can lean on the leading local sewage line inspection company to identify the cause of the issue and find a prompt solution. Professionals can also give you advice on when and how to plan a partial or complete replacement of your drain system.  There are some telling signs that you might identify yourself, so keep reading.

How do I know if my sewer line needs to be replaced?

If you have any of the following issues, it might be time to get your sewer line replaced:

Frequent clogging

You frequently need to have your drains unclogged. If you don’t do anything out of the normal, you dispose of the cooking grease and oil safely, and don’t flush random items down the drain, it can be a sign of severe issues with the system. Besides indicating that you need to conduct an inspection, it can also be a sign that you need a new drain pipe. 

Your lawn is always soggy 

You have noticed that the soil and grass on your lawn are always moist, even when it hasn’t rained in weeks. This can mean that there’s a leak in the pipe and that your sewage system is compromised or that there was an overflow. You can also tell that the soil has changed or that it’s smelling funny. Knowing when you’ve last installed a certain part can greatly help to know what to expect to hear from piping inspectors

Old sewage systemHow do I know if my sewer line needs to be replaced

You haven’t done any inspections in a while, and you’re not sure when the last time was that your sewage system was checked. All homes should have regular maintenance and check-ups to ensure everything is functioning as it should be. Keep in mind that even the most high-quality systems have a lifespan, and need to be regularly checked and replaced when the time comes. If your pipes are well-kept they can last from 50 – 100 years, but many factors can shorten their lifespan.

Your pipes are severely deformed 

Over time, tree roots can grow into the pipe and cause cracks or blockages. If the camera assessment shows that your pipes are no longer in line, it’s definitely something you want to look into further.

The landscape around your home has changed 

If there had been significant changes to the landscape around your home since you installed the sewer line, this can pose a problem. This can include new construction, trees being removed, or changes in elevation. Any of these things can put stress on the pipe and cause problems down the road.

If you’re noticing any of these signs, it’s best to call a professional to take a look. They can assess the situation and determine whether or not you need to replace your sewer line. Don’t wait until it’s too late – act now to avoid major issues in the future.

Where in San Diego can I find a dependable sewer line inspection company?

Where in San Diego can I find a dependable sewer line inspection company

If you wish to ensure complete functionality and extend the lifespan of your drain system in San Diego, hiring a team of experts is key. With seasoned professionals in your corner, you’ll know how often should you inspect your property and notice the warning signs in a timely manner.

Leave your worries at bay with the help of the Inspectors Company and spend a pleasant day at the Waterfront Park with your loved ones. Our crew uses professional equipment and performs a full array of assessments to ensure that your property is completely safe and sound. 

Whether you’re worried about hidden leaks, mold growth, or structural issues, give us a call today and we’ll be there as soon as possible!

5 Typical Sewer Line Inspection Camera Findings

Who do I call when looking for a trustworthy sewer line inspection company in San Diego and the areaWater drain issues pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of any type of commercial or residential property. They can cause flooding on your lawn or basement, compromise the foundation, and cause water to back up. Performing a detailed inspection on a regular basis can help you identify these issues early on, which can save you a lot of money and time.  This is why contacting an established and reputable sewer line inspection company in San Diego makes perfect sense. 

Here you can find out what are the typical piping issues that can be identified with sophisticated equipment. 

What problems can a sewer line inspection identify?

When it comes to the health and safety of your home, you simply cannot be too careful. That’s why if you’re experiencing any of the following problems, it’s time to consider emergency sewer line inspection: water backing up into your home, strange smells coming from your drains, gurgling noises coming from your toilets, slow drainage in your sinks and tubs, and excessive water usage. 

A specialized camera can capture the causes of the majority of these issues and here are some of the most common culprits: 

Small cracks

High-resolution cameras have lenses that allow them to capture very small details. If you have small cracks in your sewer line, it’s only a matter of time before they turn into bigger ones. Eventually, these cracks will allow water and sewage to leak out, which can lead to serious flooding on your property. Also, they can accumulate small particles, helping the buildup of sewage waste, or causing the pipe to deform or collapse over time.  Catching them on time can help you plan a complete or partial line replacement.

5 Typical Sewer Line Inspection Camera Findings

Offset joints

Piping joints and fittings that don’t perfectly fit or have shifted from their initial position can result from improper installation or settlement. They can also result due to changes in the soil, pressure, or due to earthquakes. Over time, these offset joints can pull apart, which can cause water and sewage to leak out. The soil can get through the joints and cause a backup.  

Pipe deformation

One of the most common problems that sewer line inspection cameras can identify is pipe deformation. This usually happens because of the weight of the soil and the water that’s constantly putting pressure on the pipe. There are two different scenarios: 

  • A sagging pipe, which is a less severe consequence, where water forms a lower area or a “belly” 
  • A completely collapsed pipe, which means that you should consider replacing it completely as soon as possible.  

Grease build-up

If you have a grease buildup or blockage in your sewer line, it’s only a matter of time before it causes serious problems. Grease buildups can cause the pipe to completely block over time. If the clog becomes too hard to break with chemical or mechanical means, sometimes the only option is to replace the compromised part of the pipe.

Root growth

Another common problem that sewer line inspection cameras can identify is tree root growth. This is a serious problem because tree roots can grow into the pipe and cause it to crack or break. In some cases, they can even completely block the pipe, which will lead to sewage backups. 

Who do I call when looking for a trustworthy sewer line inspection company in San Diego and the area? What problems can a sewer line inspection identify

Having seasoned professionals on speed dial can be of vital importance for your property in San Diego. Here at the  Inspectors Company, we boast a team of seasoned professionals that utilize the latest technology to keep your home safe and offer tailored solutions to any plumbing issue. When you give us a call, we’ll give you a quick walkthrough so that you can know what to expect from your first inspection.  We’ll be there on time and quickly map out issues with your piping. Save your precious time for practicing your strike at Balboa Park Golf Course or spending weekends with your loved ones, knowing that your property is taken care of. 

Main Reasons to Get a Sewer Line Inspection

Reasons-to-Get-a-Sewer-Line-InspectionLiving in a house brings many responsibilities, and maintaining your sewer lines working properly is one of them. Any problem with this system can quickly turn into a major emergency, resulting in water pumping into areas where it shouldn’t. You don’t have to wait for a problem to occur. It’s highly recommended to be proactive and hire professionals to inspect the state of your sewer system, making sure any potential problems are dealt with in time.

That’s why hiring sewer line inspection services in San Diego is the best thing you can do, not only when you have an existing problem, but also as prevention. So, how do you know if your sewer system needs an inspection? Read on to find out.

Do I need a sewer line inspection?

Being a responsible homeowner involves making sure every aspect of your household is working and maintained regularly. Whether you wish to sell your home or are looking to purchase one, a sewage inspection will make you sure that it’s in perfect condition.

However, selling or buying a home isn’t the only reason to hire inspection services. You want your living space to be as perfect as possible, with everything working properly. This can only be achieved by performing regular inspections. Here are the main reasons why that’s a good idea:

  • Identify and resolve a problem that has caused an unexpected emergency. If you can notice that something is wrong with your sewer system just by looking from the outside, it can be hard to pinpoint the problem. You might see that the water is getting back up to the sink, or worse, sewage can appear in a body of water. Unless you get a professional assessment, you won’t be able to recognize the issue.
  • As part of regular maintenance, you can prevent major problems further down the road. Conducting sewer inspections proactively can benefit you in many ways. It should be done as part of a regular maintenance cycle. Seeing how sewer systems fall apart over time, each year that passes increases the risk of breaking down.

When to consider a sewer line inspection?

You don’t have to wait for the problem to occur or know if your sewer pipes need to be replaced in order to do something about it. If you do notice anything alarming, like water blockage, sewage spills in your yard, or anything similar, that’s a sure sign you should get your sewer line inspected. Even if everything seems normal and works properly, getting regular maintenance on the system prevents more severe issues down the road and brings you peace of mind.

Do-I-need-a-sewer-line-inspectionWhere can I find the best sewer line inspection services in San Diego?

Now that you know what to expect from sewer line inspection, hiring The Inspectors Company can help you keep your home and sewer system in a top-notch state. Whether you live near San Diego Zoo or anywhere else in the San Diego area, contact us today. Our customer service will gladly provide you with additional info, such as what problems can a sewer line inspection identify, and more.

Once you book your appointment, our team of professionals with extensive experience and advanced equipment will provide a detailed inspection allowing you to bring your sewer line to perfect condition!

Sewer Line Inspection Services 101

Sewer-Line-Inspection-Services-101Pinpointing the problems in your sewer system might be hard, if not impossible if you’re not a professional. With a network of pipes buried under your home, you can’t know for sure what’s going on under there or what’s the exact condition the sewer line is in.

If you are from San Diego, hiring sewer line inspection services might be your best option for identifying any underlying problems. Read on as we’re about to break down everything you need to know about what you can expect from a sewer line inspection, how long it takes, and what the inspectors will look for.

What to expect from sewer line inspection?

When you arrange with the service to conduct the inspection, they will meet your schedule and arrive at your convenience. Once the inspectors come to your home, they will use a high-resolution camera to investigate your sewer system. Don’t worry, as this part of the process is purely visual – no parts of your line will be dismantled or damaged.

That said, the inspection consists of a multi-step approach:

  • A video survey of the lateral drain line that is accessed from a standard clean-out
  • A written report on what the certified inspector has found
  • A marking is drawn in the place of the identified defect
  • A link for you, so that you can go over the sewer line video inspection

We’ve already listed some of the reasons to get a sewer line inspection. It might be that your kitchen has flooded, the water is getting back up the drains, or you hear the water burbling in a toilet. On the other hand, there might be no visible symptoms, you might want to simply learn if there are any potential problems in order to prevent them.

The camera attached to the end of a snake line can record anything that goes on in the pipe. After the inspectors check the footage, they’ll have a better picture of any underlying problems. It might be that the roots have found their way into the pipes, there might be cracks, clogs, or the lines have collapsed under the weight of the soil, or simply from age.

How long does a sewer inspection take?

Inspections usually cover roughly 300 feet, and it takes them 20 to 30 minutes. Of course, the inspection time varies due to the length and width of the pipes, as well as the configuration. Naturally, if the pipes are in bad shape, the inspection will take longer since certain defects require a closer and more detailed look.

Another variable affecting the examination time is the type of inspection. There is a standard, quick follow-up that will just verify a repair, taking up much less time. A more thorough inspection will require more time since the inspector will have to stop and look at every problem and closely analyze it. During this kind of inspection, you will know if your sewer pipes need to be replaced.

What-to-expect-from-sewer-line-inspectionWhere in San Diego can I find the most dependable sewer line inspection services?

Whether you live near Balboa Park or anywhere else in the San Diego area, contact The Inspectors Company today if you want to make sure your sewer line is in perfect condition. We can schedule an appointment in which we will identify any underlying problems in your sewer. Our team uses cameras that eliminate the risk of any damage to your pipes while allowing us to take a good look at the state of your sewer line. Reach out to our experts today!