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When investing in a commercial property, you want to be sure that no faults or safety hazards go unnoticed. That is why hiring the services of reputable commercial building inspectors is a must if you wish to have the full picture before sealing the deal on the purchase. 

We bring unmatched San Diego commercial inspections

At The Inspectors Company, we specialize in helping you assess the risks and costs of both commercial and high-end residential properties. Our commercial inspections are designed to provide commercial property buyers and sellers with maximum benefits by identifying issues and potential repairs with matchless precision. 

We know that investing in a commercial property is not an easy decision to make and that’s why we strive to help you avoid unnecessary risks and go through the transaction process without a hitch. 

Types of commercial properties we inspect 

A commercial property inspection can be conducted by one of our certified commercial property inspectors on a number of structures including: 

  • apartment complexes
  • mixed-use buildings
  • strip malls
  • restaurants
  • storage facilities
  • motels
  • office buildings
  • retail stores, etc. 

Inspection of commercial real estate will help owners and buyers in understanding operation and maintenance required and also helps provide and ensure confidence to prospective investors.

What is a commercial building inspection?

A commercial building inspection is an evaluation conducted by a certified commercial property inspector of the major systems of the commercial property and the visible structural components. 

It involves three major components:

  • physical walk-through survey
  • review and interpretation of available documents provided by the client (e.g., previous inspection reports, building permits, code violation notices, and/or environmental studies)
  • interviews with readily available personnel (e.g., tenants, maintenance crew, etc.).

What should I expect from a building inspection?

The exact commercial building inspection checklist will mostly depend on the type of property you are selling or purchasing in San Diego. At The Inspectors Company, we can help you by offering either a standard commercial inspection or an inspection service that is custom-made to address any issues specific to the property.   

Baseline Inspection

A preliminary model for a baseline standard commercial property inspection includes:

  • Site characteristics (paving, landscaping, utilities)
  • Structural frame and building envelope (exterior, basement, foundation, attic, etc.)
  • Roof surface areas
  • Catalogs type and condition of HVAC equipment
  • Plumbing and electrical systems
  • Vertical transportation
  • Life safety/fire protection
  • Interior elements
  • Document review
  • Opinions of probable costs
  • Recommendations.

Property inspection report

At the end of the evaluation, a comprehensive written computer-generated report is provided to the client and details the building’s overall condition adhering to InterNACHI standards. It also includes descriptions of issues discovered by the inspector during observation surveys and research and possible recommendations for remediation.

The scope of the evaluation and report are provided to suit your specific requirements.

Customized Commercial Inspections

Depending on the type of commercial property and desired scope of the evaluation, we can customize the inspection process and handpick a team of certified professional inspectors to accommodate any specialized systems or industry-specific standards. 

For example, a comprehensive thermal imaging inspection is highly recommended as part of your commercial property inspection. 

An Infrared Inspection uses non-invasive, state-of-the-art technology to generate reports not sufficiently covered by conventional visual or even physical inspections. 

During a thermal imaging inspection, our inspectors can help detect a number of issues including:

  • air leaks
  • insulation defects
  • mold formation
  • plumbing issues
  • hidden roof leaks
  • pest presence.

This type of specialized inspection as well as many other ancillary issue-specific services are available per your request. Contact us for more information and schedule the one you need!

When should you organize a building inspection?

Purchasing a commercial property is no simple endeavor – with so many steps to take until the purchase is made, it’s only natural that you would get overwhelmed during the process. Because of this, you should choose reliable experts for your commercial property inspection in San Diego and have them determine any hidden faults promptly and effectively. 

While most commercial inspections are done after the purchase agreement has been made, the buyer and seller may agree to have the inspection prior to signing any contracts. If you do sign a contract, however, you would typically have 7 to 14 days to withdraw from the contract after the inspection if any serious issues are detected. 

How long does it take to do a building inspection?

Compared with home inspections, commercial real estate inspections may take significantly longer to complete. Typically, inspections of commercial buildings take anywhere from 1 to 6 hours, depending on the type and size of the property. Once the inspectors are done investigating, you can expect to receive your commercial building inspection report within 24 hours.

Hire peerless commercial building inspectors in San Diego

If you’re looking to invest in a high-end asset in Mission Hills or anywhere else in the city, you want to be fully confident in your decision before making the purchase. That’s where we come in! With our knowledgeable professionals at your service, you will avoid any traps and risks that a real estate investment can entail. 

If you choose The Inspectors Company for your building inspection, you can rest assured that our skilled and certified contractors will inspect every inch of the property with unequaled precision. Schedule a consultation today! 

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In addition to being the go-to commercial property inspectors in the region, we are the leading experts on home inspection. We provide in-depth pre-listing and buyer home inspections in San Diego County, dependable verbal home inspections, and so much more! 

Contact us right away if you need someone to inspect your home or commercial property. We bring you unmatched service, personalized approach and peace of mind!

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