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Top 5 Benefits of Home Appliance Inspections

What are some advantages to having a home appliance inspection done by a professionalPeople usually hire a professional home inspector when they want to buy or sell a house. Although this is a legitimate reason to ask for expert advice, having these important devices checked on a regular basis has a lot of advantages.

That’s why more and more people who live in San Diego, CA, choose to hire specialists in appliances inspection. This article lays out the top 5 benefits appliance check-ups bring. Read on.

What are some advantages to having a home appliance inspection done by a professional?

Hiring an expert in any field is always a good choice, especially when it comes to home inspections. Here is how you can gain from an appliance examination:

1. Save money

The main purpose of home appliance inspection is the detection of safety issues related to structure, electricity and plumbing. Professional home appliance inspectors are trained to identify possible issues and anticipate them. They will most certainly notice something that you might have overlooked or didn’t even know about. 

Inspectors can identify the weak spots around the house and save you a lot of money that you’d spend on repairing it if some kind of damage occurred.

2. Avoid problems

An electrical safety inspection helps you avoid problems caused by appliances’ malfunction. One of the 5 important things covered by home appliance inspection is the washing machine hose. If it has cracks or weak areas it can leak, which subsequently leads to water damage. If the wires of an electrical device are damaged they can spark and start a fire. These are primarily safety issues, but the costs of remediation are also an important factor to consider. 

3. Keep your appliances efficient

Regular inspection ensures that your electrical system is running at optimal performance. If you detect a problem or malfunction at an early stage, you can avoid wasting electricity or water and increasing your bills. While the length of a home appliance inspection varies depending on the type of electronic device, one thing that is a constant is that it’s cost-effective, especially in the long run. This way you are also more likely to meet energy efficiency standards.

4. Better home price

Regardless of whether you’re interested in buying a new house or selling your current residency, it’s always a good idea to hire an expert. If you invest some money in minor repairs, you’ll get a better price for your home. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a new property, you should know what you’re planning on buying and an impartial estimate would be very handy.   

5. Get advice and have issues explained to you

If you’re present during home appliance inspection you can ask questions, clear up potential doubts, get educated and understand the essence of the problem. Although most people’s goal is not to make a career out of it, knowing a thing or two about potential hazards and how to prevent them is certainly beneficial.

Where in San Diego, CA, can I book a quality appliances inspectionWhere in San Diego, CA, can I book a quality appliances inspection?

Finding a reliable and trustworthy home appliance inspector takes careful consideration. Luckily for you, you don’t need to rack your brain any longer because The Inspectors Company is a suitable match for you. Our top specialist will inspect your home with utmost care and diligence and detect any problem. 

We also provide a RecallCheck service and a detailed specification of your home appliances and the state they’re in. Enjoy the amenities of SeaWorld San Diego amusement park while our dedicated experts give your home a thorough examination. Book today!

Home Appliance Inspections 101

What is the main purpose of an appliance inspectionPeople don’t normally have their appliances checked by professionals. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. However, if you’re planning to purchase or sell a home that contains appliances, having these important devices examined thoroughly is key to preventing further problems down the road.

While you can examine home appliances by yourself, it’s always better to have it done by a professional. That’s why so many property sellers and buyers in San Diego, CA, opt for the services of an appliances inspector. This article outlines a simple guide to home appliance inspection.

What is the main purpose of an appliance inspection?

The primary reason for having an appliance checkup done is safety. One of the main benefits of home appliance inspection is identifying structural and plumbing issues and electrical problems. 

Furthermore, performing an appliance inspection before purchasing a home that comes with pre-existing appliances is necessary to ensure you’re not buying defective devices that will require costly replacements or repairs down the line. 

If you’re a property seller, ensuring your appliances are in good condition will prevent disagreements with prospective buyers and keep you from having to renegotiate your asking price to account for any defective appliances. 

Here are some things that should definitely be on your checklist:

1. Garbage disposal

One of the top 5 things that home appliance inspectors check is the garbage disposal. If it’s clogged with food, grease or hair it can cause water damage. Appliance inspectors check if it makes gurgling sounds or vibrations. If you want to clean the disposal you can pour some hot water and white vinegar down the drain.

2. Built-in appliances in the kitchen

These include wall ovens, surface cooktops, dishwashers, built-in microwaves, and disposals. When it comes to oven checkup, inspectors keep it on for 15 minutes at 350F, they look at rust and broken parts and check the light while it’s heating up. They also establish if the oven has reached the approximate designated temperature.

Dishwashers are typically run on a normal cycle to make sure that water isn’t leaking. Flap door which is used for additional detergent is closed to see if it opens properly. Generally speaking, the duration of a home appliance inspection can vary depending on the size of the house, and the number of rooms and components.

3. Air conditioner filter

This needs to be inspected regularly to make sure that the air quality isn’t reduced. A dirty filter spreads dust and germs and it needs to be rinsed or vacuumed from time to time. If it becomes worn, you should replace it.

Which appliances are not usually checked by Home Inspectors?

Home appliance inspectors don’t normally check removable appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, countertop appliances like countertop microwaves unless they are built-in as well as central vacuum systems.

According to the ASHI Standards of Practice inspectors are not obliged to examine thermostats, door seals, self-cleaning oven cycles, timers, and other specialized appliance features.

Which appliances are not usually checked by Home InspectorsWhere in San Diego, CA can I find a dependable appliances inspector?

If you need a detailed inspection of your home appliances then The Inspectors Company is the perfect choice. Our seasoned experts are InterNACHI certified and they will meet all your specific requirements and detect any malfunction. 

Stroll down Balboa Park while our vetted pros see to the careful inspection of your home appliances. Contact us today and make an appointment!

3 Reasons to Inspect a Septic Tank in Your New Property

Is a septic inspection required in CaliforniaPeople don’t usually pay attention to the state of the septic system when they look for a new home. However, a malfunctioning septic tank can cause many problems, and its repair can be very costly. That’s why there are numerous reasons to check the septic tank in your new house.

As this calls for professional assistance, it’s no wonder that so many people rely on the services of reputable San Diego septic tank inspectors. This article provides the argumentation for septic inspection in new properties. 

Is a septic inspection required in California?

According to California law, every real estate with an on-site septic system needs to be inspected before the property is sold. The inspection has to be done by a licensed company and must document how the septic system is working before the ownership is changed. 

The seller needs to inform the buyer about any known issues with the draining system. If the seller fails to do that and problems emerge, the seller is liable for the damage caused by the septic system malfunction. The benefit of regular septic inspection is that it can help prevent the inconvenience of a lawsuit and additional costs of repair. 

Why is a septic inspection important when buying a new home?

There are many good reasons to inspect the septic system before you buy a new home. Here are some of them: 

1. Avoid additional costs

First of all, you can’t rely on home inspectors to give you valid information about the septic system if they are not adequately trained. They will inspect it very briefly and likely miss something. If the seller fails to do a septic inspection, it may increase the initial costs, but knowing what you’re getting yourself into pays off. 

When you hire professional inspectors, you know exactly how much you need to invest in your new property and what the current state of affairs is. If it turns out that the septic system needs a repair that involves additional costs, you can negotiate the lower price.     

2. Prevent expensive repairs

Since you are legally entitled to visit the property before buying it, use this opportunity to look for signs that a septic tank should be inspected. Even if you don’t notice anything unusual, you should still hire a licensed inspector to check everything. This may seem unnecessary, but it’s more cost-effective to know what the weak spots are before any water damage occurs.

3. Protect yourself from contamination

Water damage doesn’t only create additional costs, it also jeopardizes your health. When the septic tank fills up, it causes blockage and overflow, which leads to flooding. The water from the sewer is highly contaminated with bacteria and viruses and the sanitation costs can be grave. Gasses coming from the toilet or drains are toxic and long exposure can cause health problems. 

Since septic inspection entails taking samples of wastewater and testing it for contaminants, you’ll be on the safe side if you have the draining system examined before you buy the house. 

Why is a septic inspection important when buying a new homeWhich San Diego septic tank inspectors should I opt for?

While you can’t know all the potential flaws of a real estate before you buy it, the detection of problems with a septic system is affordable and accessible. If you are looking for licensed and reliable septic system experts you can always count on The Inspectors Company.

Our seasoned pros are InterNACHI certified and use proven methods of inspection. You can go to the Whaley House while our dedicated experts inspect the septic system of your new home. Book today!  

5 Signs That You Should Inspect Your Septic Tank

What are the signs that a septic tank needs to be pumpedA septic tank that malfunctions can cause a lot of damage and sanitation can be very costly. It’s why every homeowner should be familiar with key indicators that show you should inspect your septic tank.

Since this is very complex, a lot of people prefer to leave this to professional septic tank inspectors in San Diego. This article outlines the top signs that you should have your septic system checked.  

What are the signs that a septic tank needs to be pumped?

Although you should leave the pumping and inspection to the professionals, there are some signals that you should pay attention to and call for help when you notice them. 

1. Pools of water and soggy grass

If you notice puddles forming in your yard when there has been no rain, this is a sign that untreated wastewater has leaked into your yard and that there is something wrong with your septic system. 

Soggy and abnormally green grass is another indicator of draining system malfunction. One of the reasons why the grass is unnaturally green above the drain field is that it gets additional fertilizer in the form of excessive waste liquid. If you notice this when you are looking around the house that you are thinking of purchasing, you should inspect the septic system before you buy the property.

2. Slow drainage

If you notice that separate drains in your home have been drinking more slowly than usual, this indicates that you should have your septic tank checked. Occasional slow drainage in one or two drains may not be alarming. However, since septic system breakdown can cause a lot of damage, a regular septic inspection is certainly beneficial.  Don’t use commercial drain cleaners as they can damage your draining system. It’s better to call professionals for help.

3. Sewage backup

If you notice that water is draining slowly or pushing back up from the drain when you release large amounts of it by running a dishwasher, doing laundry or emptying a bath, this means that your septic tank should be pumped. In this case it’s advisable to prepare for the septic inspection to avoid overflow and potential water damage.

4. Foul odors

Feeling a sulfurous or sewage smell emanating from the toilet or drains is a signal that your septic tank has filled up. Other than drainage points inside your home, the septic tank itself and areas around pipes can have the same odor. 

5. Gurgling sounds

A full septic tank creates gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet, run water in the sink or let the bathtub drain. If you hear this sound, call a septic service immediately to check your draining system.

How do you evaluate a septic system?

The evaluation of a septic system is very complex. However, there are some key properties that septic services check during inspection:

  • The location, size, and original design of the septic system
  • Soil condition, drainage, and seasonal water table
  • The possibility of flooding the area in which the septic system is situated
  • The date when the septic tank was last pumped
  • The condition of plumbing fixtures and drain field 

How do you evaluate a septic systemWhere can I find reliable septic tank inspectors in San Diego?

If you need a thorough examination of your septic system, look no further than The Inspectors Company. Our bonded professionals use cutting-edge technology to locate any signs of damage or blockage. 

You can let your hair down and visit Old Town while our experienced specialists inspect your tank and sewer lines. Call us today and leave everything in our capable hands! 

3 Things That Go Into the Inspection of a Pool

Things-That-Go-Into-the-Inspection-of-a-PoolOwning a swimming pool is great fun but, at the same time, requires a lot of responsibility. Not only are you obligated to follow the safety protocols, especially if you have children, but you should also have regular pool inspections.

If you live in San Diego, you can enjoy the hot days stress-free since you have the option to hire a pool and spa inspection service. However, knowing a thing or two about what exactly goes into the inspection of a pool can help you understand the process better and prepare.

How do you inspect a pool?

When it comes to inspection of the pool, it’s not really complex and doesn’t take too long. When the inspectors are done, you’ll still have a day ahead of you to enjoy a dip in the pool. Another important thing to know is that your pool won’t be damaged in any way since the inspection isn’t invasive and doesn’t require much disassembling.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the steps that pool inspection involves:


It goes without saying that the safety of the pool and the deck around it is the first thing every reputable inspection company will check. It involves making sure that there aren’t any loose wires near the pool – they should be at a safe distance and working properly. If you have small children or pets, you will need to have appropriate fencing around the pool to avoid any accidents. What the inspectors will check are the safety locks and the height of the fence.

Going on to the deck, another important safety measure is the quality of the tiles and deck around your pool. It shouldn’t be slippery and there can’t be any loose tiles. Not only is it dangerous for kids running around, but the adults could trip and fall, too.

Pool pumps

The pump needs to be working properly in order for water to circulate. The inspectors will check if the pump is in place and functional and since it’s connected to the filter – that’s the next thing that they will examine.

Pool filter

Properly filtering your pool water is essential in keeping it sanitized and free of debris and bacteria. Inspectors will make sure that the pump and the filter are adequately connected and that everything is working normally.

Of course, the inspectors will be extremely thorough, examining other parts of the pool, too. These are some of the main things that require the most attention. However, the pool heater, saltwater corrosion, and pool accessories all need to be checked. Knowing these things can help you get prepared for the pool inspection.

How-do-you-inspect-a-poolWhere in San Diego, can I find the most reputable pool and spa inspection service?

We hope you are more familiar with what an inspector will look for in a pool, as well as the benefits the inspection brings. Whether you live near Cabrillo National Monument or anywhere else in the area – The Inspectors Company is at your service.

Your pool should be a fun place designed for relaxing and spending quality time with your family and friends while being safe.

Our skilled and qualified professionals will make sure to thoroughly inspect every part of your pool and the deck around it. Using special equipment, we won’t take too much of your time and you will know right away if anything needs repair. Contact us today and see for yourself why so many San Diego residents consider us the best!


3 Things to Know Before Hiring Pool Inspection

Things-to-Know-Before-Hiring-Pool-InspectionIf you are a pool owner, you know how fun family gatherings can be or how enjoyable the evenings with a glass of wine with your feet dipped in water are. As much fun as it is, pools require a lot of maintenance and regular inspections. It’s a responsibility all year round, not just during the summer season.

Part of being a responsible pool owner is performing regular checkups, some of which need to be done by a professional. If you live in San Diego, hiring a pool and spa inspection company should be regular. You might wonder if there’s anything you can do in order to prepare before the inspectors arrive? Read on to find out.

How to prepare for a swimming pool inspection?

By hiring an inspection company, you’re one step closer to a safe and clean swimming pool. While you’ll rely on them to thoroughly do their job, preparing yourself in advance can help you be a part of the process and help them do their job more easily.

Review state rules and regulations

Every state has a set of rules and regulations that you need to follow. You probably know most of them if you’re a pool owner in San Diego, but it doesn’t hurt to refresh your memory. Whether it’s the dimensions of the fencing around the pool or proper deck material, you will need to learn and apply everything that’s expected of you. That way you’ll be more familiar with the aspects of the pool inspection and you can ask the right questions.

Make a list of things that might not be working properly

Whether a pool pump has not been working properly, or you have a mold problem, write down everything that you think is worth mentioning. Although the inspectors will thoroughly examine the pool area, having a list ready could be helpful. If you communicate your concerns, they will make sure to pay extra attention to those areas.

Research the company you wish to hire

Before you decide on the company you wish to hire, inform yourself about their services. Research their history, reviews, price list, and see what goes into the inspection. Make sure they are suitable for your needs. If you have any special or additional service in mind you wish to use, make sure they can provide it.

How-to-prepare-for-a-swimming-pool-inspectionWhere in San Diego can I find the best pool and spa inspection company?

The reasons for pool inspections are numerous, but the safety and comfort of anyone who uses your pool are most important. Knowing what inspectors usually look for can help you be a bit more prepared. Other than that, your only job is to relax, take a day off and spend it at San Diego Zoo, while our professional team at The Inspectors Company examines your pool.

Our experts with extensive experience will make it their goal to check every aspect of your pool area in order to make it safe and usable. Contact us today and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and schedule an appointment.

Pool Inspection 101

Pool-Inspection-10As a pool owner, you probably already know what goes into maintaining it. For you and your family to have fun hanging by the pool and swimming, some things have to be taken care of. Keeping the leaves out of the water and cleaning pool filters is not enough. From time to time, preferably annually, you should hire a pool and spa inspection service. If you live in San Diego, CA, you can easily find a company near you.

When buying a home, you will probably get a house inspection to make sure everything is safe and working properly – the installations, plumbing, electricity, etc. If the house has a pool, even better. But, what exactly is the pool inspection?

What does an inspector look for in a pool?

Let’s start by saying that when an inspector comes over, your pool will not be damaged or disassembled in any way since the assessment is primarily visual. Professionals know what to look for and have the right tools for it. Here are some of the aspects that go into the process.


The first and the most important goal of a thorough inspection is safety. Some of the parts that inspectors will check are electrical wires – whether they are working properly and are a safe distance from the pool. Another potentially dangerous aspect is the walkway around the pool. What’s important is that it’s not slippery and won’t cause any trips.

When it comes to safety, another important part of the pool is fencing. If you have kids or pets that aren’t allowed in the pool unsupervised, the inspectors will make sure that the fences have a proper height and suitable locks.

Tile and decking around pool

When you spend time at your pool, the deck is where the party’s at. Everything needs to be in place, whether you have wooden or ceramic tiles. The inspection will go through and point out any broken or loose tiles since they present a potential danger.

As kids love to sit at the edge and dip their toes in the water, you need to pay special attention to the edge of the pool. Professionals know which rules your deck needs to follow and what the safety hazards are.

Pool pumps

For the pool water to remain clean, other than water filters, it needs a pump. It’s an essential piece of equipment since it allows the water to circulate and makes the filters and heaters work.

The inspectors will check if the pump is working properly and make sure that it is secured.

Some other parts of your pool that the inspection service will look into:

  • Pool lighting
  • Pool filter
  • Pool heater
  • Pool accessories
  • Saltwater corrosion

Now that we’ve explained what some of the things pool inspectors look for, you can be more prepared for an inspection and ask the right questions. Remember, annual pool maintenance by professionals is crucial. However, you still need to take care of it yourself daily. Cleaning leaves, mopping the deck and making sure nothing blocks the filters and the pump will go a long way.

What-does-an-inspector-look-for-in-a-poolWhat’s a reputable pool and spa inspection service in San Diego, CA?

Now that you know the many benefits of hiring pool inspection services and what goes into the maintenance of a swimming pool, don’t wait any longer.

Here at The Inspectors Company, our team of skilled experts offers a thorough inspection of your pool with cutting-edge technology. It’s our goal that your pool stays the fun and safe place that it’s supposed to be. Whether you live near San Diego Zoo or another place in the area, contact us today and see why we have so many satisfied clients.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Pool Inspection Company

Benefits-of-Hiring-Pool-Inspection-CompanyWhen it comes to owning a swimming pool, it’s not enough to enjoy it during hot months or when you’re entertaining guests. It requires the responsibility to keep it safe, clean and prevent potential accidents. It’s crucial that you hire a pool and spa inspection service at least once a year, and if you live in San Diego, you have plenty of options.

Once you do that, you’ll be able to enjoy the many benefits of owning a pool or a spa, and won’t need to worry. However, not maintaining these amenities could lead to many problems, turning into a bigger issue down the road. So, what exactly are the benefits of getting regular pool inspections? Let’s dive right into it. (No pun intended.)

Why should you get a pool inspection?

You don’t have to wait for a problem to come up before getting an inspection. Performing it annually will not only prevent a lot of issues but bring numerous benefits. In addition, it will make your pool last longer so you and your family can enjoy it for years to come.

1. Detect problems

If you don’t regularly perform maintenance of your pool, an issue will most likely come up during inspection. Many pools have recurring problems, such as mold. However, knowing what you’re dealing with can help speed up the process of solving it. You can’t always detect potential problems by yourself, so that’s when an inspection company comes in handy.

2. Prevent accidents

Unfortunately, pool accidents can happen. As long as you keep your pool regularly checked by professionals, you can prevent most of them. Broken tiles, for instance, or any other part of the pool can cause accidents like slipping, cuts, or more serious injuries.

By putting off those kinds of repairs you will possibly make things worse or get someone using the pool in jeopardy. So, don’t put off inspections since regular maintenance could go a long way and prevent any dangerous situations.

3. Prevent health issues

Owning a pool is not only about pleasure but also being responsible and keeping your family or anyone using it safely. No one wants to swim in dirty water or water that is too chlorinated as it can cause skin irritation, eye infections, and much more. Another extreme but not too uncommon problem is mold. It’s not unlikely for mold to grow in wet places that aren’t cleaned properly, not to mention the health problems it can cause.

Those are just some of the benefits you’ll get after hiring professional services to inspect your pool. Keep in mind that it’s always better to be proactive and prevent than to deal with problems that can become worse over time.

Why-should-you-get-a-pool-inspectionWhat’s the best pool and spa inspection service in San Diego?

If you are not sure what goes into the inspection of a pool or what a professional service will actually look for in an inspection of a pool, you’re at the right place. Your only job is to prepare for a pool check-up, and The Inspectors Company will do the rest.

Our team of skilled professionals will examine and report the state of your pool to you. No parts of your pool will be dismantled, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after us. The goal of our inspection is to recognize any defects or faults in your pool and what caused them. If you live near Balboa Park, or anywhere else in the area, we will be happy to provide you with more information, and hopefully, make you a regular client. Contact us today!

How Experts Implement Thermal Imaging

How do professionals use thermal imaging during a home inspectionRegular home inspections should be on every homeowner’s checklist. Sometimes it’s hard to see leaks, pest infestations, or electrical irregularities with a naked eye, and, given that they can be potential health hazards, it’s important that you do regular checkups of your home. This is where thermal imaging comes in handy. Equipment used for thermal imaging can detect any abnormality that you’d otherwise miss when checking up on your home.

If your San Diego home requires thermal imaging inspection make sure to book licensed professionals that will take a detailed look at all the areas of your home and report any issues.

Do home inspectors use thermal imaging?

Although not all home inspection companies use thermal images, most of them do, and for a good reason. Thermal imaging can detect anomalies within a home that may otherwise not be visible, including a pest infestation, water and gas leaks, as well as electrical issues with devices, installations and electrical systems.

Given that home inspections are important for the its longevity as well as the health of people living inside, you should really look for companies that do use thermal imaging when booking a home inspection service.

How do professionals use thermal imaging during a home inspection?

Professional house inspectors rely on their thermal imaging infrared cameras when inspecting a home. These infrared cameras are utilized by pointing them at areas of interest or potential anomaly presence. 

After “scanning” the area/spot, house inspectors then look at the readings to see if any abnormality is present and if remediation is needed and report it to the owner of the home. 

Moisture, leak and plumbing detection

By using thermal imaging equipment to look at your walls and ceilings, inspectors can easily detect any present moisture that might be an indication of a leak due to faulty piping. Early leak detection will not only save you money in wall repairs, but also help prevent mold growth which can be harmful to your health.

When it comes to plumbing and gas systems, thermal cameras can easily show if there are any leaks via temperature and heat anomaly presence.

Electrical issues detection

Electrical installations may become faulty over time for a number of reasons, or they may even be improperly set-up in the first place. By pointing the thermal imaging equipment at electrical and fuse boxes and other electrical installations in your home, inspectors can see if there are any overloaded circuits or other electrical issues.

Home pest and insect detection

Infrared cameras can also detect pest nests such as those of rodents or termites. As their presence can result in structural and other damage to your home, you must deal with the issue accordingly if their presence is detected.

Do home inspectors use thermal imagingWhere in San Diego can I find a professional thermal imaging company?

If you would like to book home inspectors to do a thermal imaging of your home, and you live near the Coronado Bridge or elsewhere in the San Diego area, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are The Inspectors Company, a professional home inspection company that employs trained and highly-experienced inspectors that use thermal equipment to detect any problems that may be present in your home.

Apart from thermal imaging, we also provide mold, roofing, sewer, and other inspection services, so whatever part of your home you want checked, we’re here to do it for you.

So there’s no reason to wait, reach out to our team today and have your home checked by our professional, licensed inspectors.

5 Benefits of Thermal Imaging in a Home Inspection

Where can I book reputable thermal imaging services in San DiegoThermal imaging is not a new thing, but it’s often overlooked by most homeowners and thought of to be insignificant. This is far from the truth, however, as thermal imaging provides many benefits to homeowners in helping keep their homes in pristine condition.

In the following article, thermal imaging inspection specialists in San Diego take a closer look at the five main advantages of home thermal imaging. Read on!

What are the benefits of thermal imaging in a home inspection? 

It can be very difficult to spot certain issues and malfunctions inside homes with a naked eye, and that’s where thermal imaging really comes in handy. The equipment relies on infrared technology which can easily detect abnormalities within homes, especially related to excess moisture that can lead to mold growth, electrical and wiring anomalies, pests, and more. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider having this type of inspection done when buying a new home:

1. Hidden mold and moisture spots detection

Having mold around the house is always unpleasant, and if it’s left unattended, it can quickly become a health hazard. However, mold and moisture tend to appear in darker areas of the house that have a more restricted airflow, such as air ducts and laundry rooms. Thermal technology can allow an inspector to look for these possible hidden mold spots around the house, which would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Once these spots are detected, it becomes a lot easier to deal with this problem.

2. Electrical hotspots detection

As time goes on, the electrical wiring system placed throughout the home will begin to erode. This can lead to the appearance of various electrical hot spots and other anomalies, which, if left unattended, can lead to potential dangers such as a house fire. Thermal imaging technology allows the inspector to detect these various electrical hot spots around the house. The image will show a bright yellow light at spots where damage on the wiring exists, so it becomes easy to pinpoint the exact location that needs to be repaired.

3. Detection of various structural defects

Thermal imaging can also help detect various problems in the structural integrity of the house. Walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs will all show a difference in temperature at certain spots. This indicates that there may be a problem there, such as damaged or missing structural components. For roofs, in particular, thermal imaging can show if there is moisture gathering at specific points, indicating that there is a leak somewhere on the roof.

4. Energy efficiency

As a homeowner, you should always strive to keep your homes energy-efficient at all times. Otherwise, you might find yourself paying more in utility bills. Thermal imaging can help detect if any heat loss occurs around the house. Usually parts of doorways and windows are the biggest sources of heat loss, and the thermal image will allow you to pinpoint exactly which of these parts release more energy than necessary. Having a more efficient home ultimately means we pay less in additional expenses, and, if you ever decide to sell your house one day, you could negotiate for a better price as energy-efficient homes are generally valued more.

5. Pest detection

No one likes the idea of sharing their home with nasty little bugs and cockroaches that like to crawl their way into the inside of the home. Just like with moisture and mold, an infrared image can detect the temperatures of these various small pests and critters.

What are the benefits of thermal imaging in a home inspectionWhere can I book reputable thermal imaging services in San Diego?

If you’re looking to schedule a thermal imaging inspection for your home, and you live near Balboa Park or elsewhere in San Diego, we’re here for you. Here at The Inspectors Company, we offer high-quality home inspection services to all residents in the region.

Contact us today and have your home inspected by our licensed and highly-experienced inspectors!