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Do Home Inspectors Check for Mold? Here’s What Your Inspector Looks For!

The best home inspectors Del Mar are competent professionals who leave nothing to chance. Whether you’re a potential seller or a prospective home buyer preparing for an inspection, you want to know what that means. If this is your first home inspection, you must have many questions. For instance, you’ve heard that mold poses a major threat to your family’s health and safety, so you must be wondering: ‘Do home inspectors check for mold?’ Here’s an overview of the hot-spots and red flags that home inspectors usually look for!

From roof to foundation

The inspector will definitely check for deterioration of the roof shingles and the chimney, including excess moisture and rotting. If there’s a fireplace, the inspector will want to make sure it’s fully functional. Last, but not least, the home’s structure and foundation must also undergo inspection, as they are the key aspects of any house.

Plumbing issues

Water pressure issues are the worst – which is why home inspectors will focus on these. They will turn on all the faucets in the house and flush the toilet at the same time. They might even run the dishwasher. Septic system and other drainage issues are another major issue that inspectors might look for. After all, poor drainage and water flow issues spells trouble as it may affect the home’s foundation and cause foundation leaks, ultimately lowering the home’s value.

Do home inspectors check for mold throughout the house?

The notorious mold varieties aside, most common varieties of mold do not pose a threat to human health. However, there are people who are sensitive or may develop sensitivity to mold. This is why the source of the mold problem should be eliminated, and why most buyers request mold removal. It is also in the seller’s best interest – getting acceptable offers with visible mold in the house is an unrealistic expectation. For these reasons, checking for mold and mildew is always on home inspectors’ to-do list.

Do home inspectors check for mold and mildew in the basement?

Naturally, because mold and mildew indicate dampness. Too much moisture in the basement and crawlspaces, measured using a special meter, means deterioration of building materials, among other things that homeowners want to avoid.

The electrical system

A major element of the home inspection is checking if the electrical system – the electrical panel, circuit breaker configuration, wiring – is adequate and functional. Checking the efficiency of the heating and cooling systems is usually also included in the inspection. The same goes for appliances that come with the house, for instance, smoke detectors.

Do home inspectors check for mold? Here at The Inspectors Company, we do!

The Inspectors Company has first-rate home inspectors who will inspect the place from top to bottom and make a note of even the tiniest details to put in their comprehensive report. Whether you’re selling or buying, rest assured that such a report works to your advantage and, regardless of its length, should never come as a disappointment. Our professional inspectors will point out any red flags that must be taken care of immediately so you would get the most out of the real estate transaction you’ve entered into. Call us today and schedule your appointment!

Home Inspection Tips For Buyers

Having a house undergo a comprehensive home inspection Del Mar is the ideal scenario for anyone looking to buy a house. It covers everything from mold inspection to inspection of the roof. It would be ill-advised to overlook the fact that, whatever its outcome, an inspection provides valuable information that would be otherwise impossible to obtain. Check out our home inspection tips for buyers, including some potential mistakes to be mindful of.

No. 1 on the list of home inspection tips for buyers – show up

Technically, the no. 1 tip is to not to forgo the inspection. It is a sound investment since you are making what is probably the biggest purchase of your entire life. So, once you schedule the inspection, be there.

But there is more to a home inspection than not just showing up. It’s also about being mentally present during the inspection. This means doing the rounds with the inspector as they conduct the inspection of the exterior of the house, including the yard, and the room-by-room inspection.

Home inspection tips for buyers with zero experience – do not pester

First-time buyers are naturally excited about their prospective purchase. However, pestering the inspectors is unacceptable. After all, they are competent professionals doing their job, that is, acting in your best interest. Ask questions but also let them focus on the inspection without distracting them.

New isn’t always better

The fact that a house was built recently is no guarantee of the construction quality. The increasingly popular sustainable home designs, for instance, are still being developed, which is why they require evaluation for proper installation.

Take pictures as proof

The inspector will show you what to pay attention to, and you should have photographic proof of the severity of the issues, which could come in handy when negotiating the final price. This can be useful when making your moving home guide as well, as you can see if you’ll have enough room for all your stuff.

Affordable is good, but cheap might not be

This is one of the essential home inspection tips for buyers. A home inspection is not to be taken lightly, which is exactly the kind of approach you might expect from the cheapest inspection option. Do your research beforehand and make sure the inspectors are using the latest equipment.

Don’t expect the house to pass the inspection with flying colors

Expecting a perfect report is unrealistic, even if you did fall in love with the house. Be prepared to receive a report containing as many as 100 deficiencies that a comprehensive inspection has uncovered. Most of them are likely minor defect and the less relevant cosmetic flaws – focus only on the issues that must be taken care of. Those are the real red flags that you should focus on when negotiating the price.

Re-inspection of the suggested repairs

The extra cost that a re-inspection of the negotiated repairs might require will be worth it. This will give you a peace of mind, which is what a home inspection is all about.

The Inspectors Company offers home inspection tips for buyers based on experience and expertise

Planning to buy a house but want to make sure you are making an informed decision and, eventually, a knowledgeable purchase? You’ve come to the right place. The Inspectors Company will make sure to give you the professional guidance that will make you feel confident you are making the right call. Call The Inspectors Company today and schedule the inspection of your prospective new home!