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Legal Side of Home Inspections, Pt.1: The Basics

The role of experienced house inspectors in California is critical, as a home inspection company in Del Mar, CA, investigates properties to ensure they’re in good condition. Whether you’re buying or selling a place, you can benefit a lot from their services, but are you actually required to get a home inspection? In the following article, we’ll tell you if they’re mandatory in California, who regulates them, and more. Read on!

Who regulates home inspectors in CaliforniaIs a home inspection mandatory in California?

No, home inspections aren’t mandatory in California, which means you can buy or sell a property without getting one.

But while you don’t need to book an inspection, the better question is, should you buy or sell a home without one? The answer is a resounding no. That’s because property evaluations provide tremendous benefits, including:

Discovering hidden problems

Identifying hidden flaws in a house is essential both for buyers and sellers. If you’re purchasing a house, you want to be aware of every issue, no matter how small it might be, so you understand what renovations you need to make later on. This also puts you in a better position when negotiating the price.

Likewise, sellers can benefit from an inspection by identifying what they need to fix in their house. This way, they can make all the necessary repairs and raise the value of the place before listing their property.

And the only way to make it happen is to schedule a detailed inspection. Just make sure to recruit a dependable, trustworthy professional who’s evaluated a large number of houses. The more experienced they are, the more likely they are to identify various flaws with your property using a variety of advanced methods and high-quality equipment.

Planning for future renovations

If you have an old house, you probably know that at least some parts of it need to be renovated, but you don’t know where to start. A home inspector can help you with that. Once they go through your house, they’ll come up with a report that lists all the areas that should be revamped, allowing you to plan your renovations more easily.

Revealing illegal additions

Another great thing about inspections is that they can identify any rooms that were added without permission. If your provider discovers this problem, they’ll typically advise you against buying the property to prevent insurance and tax issues.

Who regulates home inspectors in California?

The main law that regulates home inspectors in California is the 1996 Business and Professions Code. Among other things, it defines the role of house inspectors by outlining their duties and limitations.

Is a home inspection mandatory in CaliforniaWhat is the go-to home inspection company in Del Mar, CA & the vicinity?

While you’re not required by law to get a house inspection, you’ll miss out on all the perks of this service if you skip one. So whether you’re buying or selling your property near Powerhouse Park, don’t take your chances – lean on The Inspectors Company, the leading inspection team in the region.

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