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Water Damage Inspection Checklist

Floods are some of the worst things that can happen to you as a homeowner. Unfortunately, they’re common in California, which is why you may need professional water damage repair in San Diego to save the day. A trained expert can fix some of the worst kinds of moisture-related issues, but before they start the remediation, they first have to inspect your property

In this article, we’ll look at the water damage inspection process and provide some pointers on what to look for if you suspect your property may have suffered water damage. Read on.

How do they check for water damage?

Once you reach out to a certified flooding restoration provider, they’ll typically assess the situation using this checklist:

Examine the walls 

The walls are often in harm’s way when it comes to flooding, which is why experts prioritize them when scanning your property for signs of moisture. The main thing experts look for are wet spots or watermarks because they indicate the area has been exposed to too much water and requires in-depth repairs.

Another important detail professionals check for is discoloration. More specifically, walls tend to develop brownish stains when soaked, which tells your inspector the surface has suffered a lot of damage.

On top of that, mold is a major indicator of large-scale flooding. It generally means the affected area has been exposed to moisture for 24-48 hours, allowing this microorganism to grow and spread to the surrounding walls.

Check the attic and ceiling 

Not all floods come from a burst pipe in the bathroom or kitchen. Some may also be caused by a roof leak, leaving the attic and ceiling as the first line of defense. Once they absorb too much water, they show several signs of flooding-related deterioration: 

  • Stains and discoloration 
  • Wood rot 
  • Mold 
  • Peeling ceiling paint 
  • Bulging parts of the ceiling 

If your provider is thorough, they may also climb the ceiling to look for warped or buckling boards, both of which require immediate attention. 

Examine the crawlspace, ducts, and the outside 

After combing the obvious parts of your home, inspectors may move on to hard-to-reach areas where more forms of damage could be lurking. The list includes the crawlspace, ducts, and the outside of your house:

  • Garage 
  • Shed 
  • Gutters and downspouts 

Besides mold and buckling sections, experts normally scan these areas for rust on metal materials. Corroded surfaces are hardly salvageable and need comprehensive repairs. Keep in mind that some professionals may skip this process, especially if they’re inexperienced.

That’s why you need to make sure you hire the right company that won’t make one of the many mistakes associated with inadequate flood repairs, such as ignoring hidden problems. So, ask your provider to describe their examination procedure from start to finish.

Who offers comprehensive water damage repair in San Diego

How do they check for water damageA flood is a serious issue, even if it seems insignificant at first. The longer you postpone the repairs, the greater the harm. To avoid large-scale damage, get in touch with The Inspectors Company as soon as you notice your house is affected. 

Once you contact us, we’ll be at your address in no time, fully equipped and ready to scan your property from top to bottom. From there, we’ll go to great lengths to fix every impacted surface, so you can re-enter your place safely, enjoy a dry home, and watch exciting baseball games at Petco Park without worrying about moisture in your house. 

Schedule our services today. We guarantee the finest inspection and remediation in San Diego and the surrounding communities.