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Home Inspections in the Age of Smart Homes: What’s Different?

What is smart house technologySuper-fast smartphones, electric vehicles, and robot vacuums aren’t the only hallmarks of today’s technology. You can also find many so-called smart houses in Escondido, CA, which is why you might be considering a home inspection to help you decide whether you should buy one such place.

After all, just because a property is smart doesn’t mean it’s in good condition. Your inspector will determine the shape of the house, and we’ll tell you what exactly they’ll look for in their investigation. Read on to learn about the nuances of inspecting a SMART home.

What is smart house technology? 

Smart house technology encompasses devices and features that automate various activities in your home. They usually increase the comfort, energy efficiency, and security of your property from gadgets with an internet connection.

Technically, any device is considered smart if it automates a certain process in your home. This can be a tailor-made coffee machine, light bulb, or air conditioning, as long as it reduces or altogether eliminates manual operation.

How to inspect a smart home?

Inspecting a smart house is challenging since there are so many important areas to investigate. Whether you’re an experienced home buyer or you’re just entering the competitive property market, this job is best left to a trained professional.

A reliable inspector will focus on the following areas to establish the condition of the place and help give you the upper hand when negotiating the price:

1. Smart lighting

Smart lighting is a remote-controlled lighting system connected to a smartphone or any other device with an internet connection:

  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Intuitive control panel

When inspecting smart lighting, professionals normally test if you can control it remotely through automation or scheduling. They may also check if the signal from the central device weakens with distance, which generally indicates a faulty connection.

2. Smart HVAC

Smart heating and air conditioning enable you to control your home temperature with a click of a button on your smartphone or dedicated control pad. Another great thing about this system is that it works with most voice assistants, including Google Home and Alexa, allowing you to heat or cool your house without even touching the connected device.

To ensure a smart HVAC unit works correctly, an inspector may test the network for the following features:

  • Remote hot water heater control
  • Seamless switch between cooling and heating mode
  • Setting heating zones for different rooms

3. Smart security

Another common item on a home inspector’s checklist is smart security. If a house is equipped with this feature, the professional will determine if the cameras and intercoms capture footage in real-time and convey it to the connected device. Plus, they may test any biometric scanners, which allow the owner to enter the house without keys.

Where in Escondido, CA, can I schedule a professional home inspection? 

How to inspect a smart homeThe scope of the investigation isn’t the only reason inspecting a smart home is hard. You might not be familiar with different technologies, either, so it makes perfect sense why you should outsource the job to a certified professional. The only question is, who do you recruit for your property inspection

Look no further than The Inspectors Company. With a proven track record of examining cutting-edge homes, we have all you need to make the right decision. We’ll use next-level skills and attention to detail to determine the condition of the house and tell you if it’s a smart investment. 

If you’re not a fan of modern houses and are considering an older home for a bargain price instead, you can once again turn to us. The age of the property is irrelevant when you have the finest inspectors by your side. Give us a call today after your tour of Daley Ranch Park. We’ll cover every nook and cranny during our examination to ensure you make the right buy.