Advantages of a pre listing inspection to the seller

Most homebuyers, especially first time homebuyers, are going to take a number of precautions before committing to a real estate purchase and a pre-sale inspection can help indicate the success of your home, since you’re on the other side. A pre-listing inspection will give you the best perspective of your home through a critical and neutral third party lens. Knowing what others may see or may be looking for ahead of time can give you the proper preparation when moving forward in a real estate transaction. Here are some of the benefits of a seller’s home inspection:

  • Alerts you to immediate safety issues or concerns prior to showings
  • Permits you the time to perform repairs following a pre-listing inspection
  • Helps expedite the obtainment of the Use and Occupancy Permit
  • Offers realistic price qualifications
  • Often times knowledge of a conducted pre-sale inspection relieves prospects’ concerns and/or suspicions
  • Helps reduce your liability by adding professional supporting documentation of a seller’s home inspection to your disclosure statement.


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Advantages to the buyer

To the prospective buyer, the benefits of the knowledge of your seller’s home inspection are plenty:

  • A pre-listing inspection offers peace of mind
  • Lets you know what you’re most likely going to be dealing with (financially, emotionally, time-wise, etc.)
  • Gives you some negotiating power
  • Offers a more realistic view of the property

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, request a pre-sale inspection today.

What should the seller do with this report

As a seller, it’s completely up to you what you do with the pre-listing inspection report:

  • Offer it as a resource to potential buyers
  • Use it as a reference when speaking with potential contractors for repairs
  • Consider it in your pricing recalculations
  • Add the information to the listing
  • Need a quick run down? Our verbal home inspection service may be for you.

Realtors® reporting losing a sale due to the home inspection



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