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Home Inspection Repair Requests a Buyer Shouldn’t Make

There’s no such thing as a perfect home. Even newly built houses likely have some underlying issues caused by mistakes in workmanship or sub-par materials. This is especially true if the property is old, or has been mass produced as part of a tract housing development.

Buyers should keep this in mind when using home inspection services in San Marcos. The reality is that the housing market is a seller’s market. Just because your home inspector uncovered many small issues with the property, doesn’t mean most sellers will be able or willing to fix them all. 

In this article, we’ll tell you which issues should be repaired before proceeding with the deal, and which ones the buyers should deal with themselves at a later date. Read on to learn more.

Which repair should I request after a home inspection?

The primary goal of a home inspection is to identify serious mechanical or structural defects that can result in expensive repairs in the future, or that may be impossible to fully fix. In worst cases, these problems can even endanger the lives of the house’s occupants.

As a buyer, you should focus on:

  • Faulty wiring and other major electrical problems, 
  • Water damage, mold infections, and other serious plumbing issues,
  • Damaged roofing and foundations,
  • Problems with the HVAC system,
  • Pest infestations (especially carpenter ants and termites). 

While sellers aren’t legally allowed to sell you a place that’s unstable or otherwise dangerous, is that really something you want to find out after the money has already changed hands? This is one of the main reasons why home inspections are crucial

Which repair requests should a buyer avoid?

Which repair requests should a buyer avoidFor most Americans, purchasing an apartment or a house is the largest financial transaction they will make in their life. This kind of pressure causes many buyers to become overly focused on minor problems that mean nothing in the context of 20-30 years of property ownership.

Unfortunately, sweating the small stuff often leads to disagreements between the seller and the buyer, which in turn result in the deal falling through. Don’t lose your dream home because of an insignificant issue that can be easily fixed at a later date! 

Avoid making these repair requests:

  • Cosmetic problems such as cracked tiles, faded or chipped paint, minor yard problems, landscaping, scratches on a hardwood floor, etc., are all easy problems to deal with and won’t have a significant effect on your life in the house,
  • Nitpicks are a big no-no. Those old curtain holders or leaky shower hoses may bother you, but they’re not something you should worry about while trying to make a six-figure deal. Here’s a good rule of thumb; if it costs less than $100 to repair, it’s not worth bringing up. 
  • Failed window seals aren’t a big deal, and you shouldn’t worry about them during a home inspection. You should only mention them if there’s a large number of windows that need to be replaced, and the seller hasn’t disclosed this fact up front.
  • Cracked basement floor is nothing to be concerned about. These cracks naturally appear as the concrete floor settles and absorbs water, and they’re not an indicator of structural problems.

Who provides top-notch home inspection services in San Marcos?

Let’s say there’s a gorgeous residential property near the Las Posas Pool that you wish to buy or sell. Unless you’re a construction professional or you have home inspection training, you probably lack the expertise needed to accurately assess the property in question. 

Inspectors Company can help. We have a long tradition of providing first-in-class home inspections to the good residents of San Marcos. Our inspection experts boast the training, the experience, and the tools necessary to provide you with the information you need to make a favorable deal. Contact us today. 

Why You Should Have Your Home Inspected Before Selling

People who are serious about purchasing a house or an apartment will usually book a professional home inspection in San Marcos, CA prior to signing any contracts. The goal is to detect any problems the house may have before proceeding with the deal. 

As a seller, the last thing you want is to find out your property has damaged foundations or an advanced mold infestation at the same time the buyer does. Not only can this make it difficult to sell the home at a good price, it may also require you to make costly repairs to the home before the house can be legally sold. 

In the following article, we’ll explain why having a home inspected before putting it on the market is a crucial step when selling a property. Keep reading to learn more. 

Why should I have my home inspected before selling it?

A pre-inspection is viewed as a gesture of goodwill. It gives prospective buyers confidence and peace of mind, and sets you apart from other sellers. While being seen as honest and dependable is definitely a bonus, a pre-inspection also brings other benefits.

The major benefits of a pre-inspection include:

It saves you money

A home inspection will uncover any major defects that may put off potential buyers or decrease the value of the property. The importance of this can’t be understated. It enables the seller to deal with the problems in question before any buyers see them. 

In addition to making it much easier to sell the house at a good price, this also enables you to conduct any repairs on your own terms. The last thing you want is to deal with a difficult buyer who’s unhappy with the way the requested repairs were performed, or who keeps meddling with the repair process.

It reduces the risk of a deal falling through

An experienced and licensed home inspector will help you identify which problems are most likely to “scare” a potential buyer and result in a collapsed sale (ie., the buyer immediately deciding they don’t want to buy your home and walking away). 

By finding out about these issues and dealing with them beforehand, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that there’s no risk of a buyer suddenly deciding your property is not up to par. This saves you both time and frustration. 

It shows buyers your home is well-maintained

Some buyers look for small things that need fixing, such as flickering light bulbs, leaky shower hoses, and small cracks in the wall. If they find these things, they tend to assume that the property has been poorly maintained (regardless of whether that’s true or not) and collapse the sale. 

Home inspectors are aware of this, which is why they’re always on the lookout for these small problems that can discourage these buyers. With their help, you’ll be able to ensure your home looks well-maintained to all buyers, no matter how fastidious they might be. 

Where can I book a first-rate home inspection in San Marcos, CA?

What are the key pros of a pre-listing home inspectionAre you the owner of a home located near the Helen Bougher Memorial Park, who’s looking to ensure their house quickly finds a buyer? Or perhaps you’re looking to purchase a well-built residential property that isn’t in dire need of expensive repairs? 

Whatever your situation may be, having the best home inspector in San Marcos on your side is essential in order to make a favorable buying or selling deal. Inspectors Company offers the complete range of inspection services, including pool, spa, roofing, mold, and sewer line inspections. 

Our inspectors are fully licensed, highly experienced, and equipped with cutting-edge inspection tools and software. Give us a call today.