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Detailed & Reliable Thermal Imaging in San Diego, CA

Our infrared home inspections in San Diego leave nothing to chance 

When purchasing a new home for the first time, buyers want to be absolutely certain that no hidden faults and safety hazards slip under the radar. While standard home inspections can detect most common structural defects, an infrared home inspection can take it a step further, ensuring that your new San Diego home hides no unpleasant surprises. At The Inspectors Company, we use top-of-the-line infrared equipment to identify problematic areas in a property and make sure you have nothing to worry about.  

What is an infrared inspection? 

A thermal imaging inspection (also known as infrared or IR inspection) uses non-invasive, state-of-the-art technology to generate reports not sufficiently covered by conventional visual or even physical inspections. An IR inspection report is just as important, if not more, than a standard home inspection report.

Thermal imaging works by detecting key temperature changes in a house and thus reveals areas that are or may prove to be problematic in the future. When performing the most comprehensive home inspection with thermal imaging in San Diego, our inspectors employ advanced methods and rely on cutting-edge equipment. 

What we focus on during infrared inspections 

Where there are known energy efficiency issues, an IR inspection can be helpful when specifically trying to locate spots where insulation is inadequate. Air leaks may be felt by touch during a blower door test and noticeable temperature drops in certain areas may also be noted during the colder months. 

During a thermal imaging inspection, we will typically start with the following areas, or with any already suspected areas:

  • Light and electrical fixtures
  • Windows and doors
  • Attic, basement, cellar, crawlspaces
  • Plumbing penetrations and bathroom traps
  • Chimney flue and fireplace areas
  • Dropped ceilings and soffits
  • Visible areas of cracking between partition top plates and drywall
  • Utility chases and baseboards

What does thermal imaging do for a home inspection?

While a visual inspection can uncover the majority of common structural deficiencies, a thermal imaging inspection can be an invaluable addition for both buyers and sellers. This is because thermal imaging can detect problems that often go unnoticed during standard inspections as they are invisible to the naked eye. With seasoned inspectors on your side, you can be 100% certain that the property you are selling or purchasing hides no potential headaches.  

Are infrared home inspections worth it?

Experts recommend infrared building inspections for sellers, buyers and even homeowners who don’t intend to sell their homes. With advanced IR technology and the expertise of seasoned inspectors on your side, you can rest assured that no safety hazards and structural faults will surprise you and lead to unnecessary expenses. The benefits of infrared inspections are numerous and undeniable, so don’t hesitate to take this extra step when buying or selling a property.    

What can thermal imaging detect? 

A thermal imaging inspection can help detect air leaks, insulation defects, as well as certain electrical problems. It may be especially helpful during an energy audit as it determines the apparent temperatures of given settings. A properly controlled (temperature and air pressure) household interior can be tested for structural deficiencies with the use of an infrared camera inspection tool.


More specifically, an IR camera can also detect aspects of energy loss and moisture intrusion:

  • Heat loss and air infiltration
  • Under-performing radiant heating systems and air-conditioner compressor leaks
  • Structural deficiencies in double-paned windows
  • Plumbing leaks, hidden roof leaks
  • Impaired, missing, or moisture-ridden insulation
  • Other kinds of moisture detection including foundational penetrations and structural wetness

Can infrared detect water?

Water leaks and other moisture-related issues can easily go unnoticed and cause serious damage to a property if left unaddressed. That’s where thermal imaging inspections in San Diego come in. Infrared and thermal imaging has made significant progress for moisture detection, as it enables homeowners to discover hidden pile leaks, condensation, and other humidity issues without resorting to other forms of testing that may at times be destructive. 

Can infrared detect mold?

While infrared cameras can’t exactly detect mold on their own, a knowledgeable inspector can combine IR technology with accurate thermal readings to uncover mold-related issues, even before visible signs start showing. What’s more, infrared technology can be much faster in mold detection than traditional inspection methods, as they can cover larger areas in a shorter period of time. 

Can thermal imaging see through walls?

Although thermal imaging cameras are extremely powerful tools, they can’t see through walls regardless of what the movies may tell you. This is because walls are typically thick enough to stop infrared radiation. However, this doesn’t mean that infrared imaging cannot detect issues within the walls – if moisture or any other problem causes a significant enough temperature difference inside the wall, the IR camera is sure to detect it.

What to expect from your thermal imaging report 

Once your thermal imaging report is complete, you will receive a detailed IR report from your inspector. Typically, they will show you standard digital and IR images of the same areas that may show signs of moisture or electrical hazards. Based on the inspector’s presentation and interpretation of the data, certain repair recommendations can be made according to priority.

The trouble areas with the most potential for hazards are probably the most critical repairs to be made and may include electrical hot spots (fire hazard), moisture intrusion (mold, structural damage), etc. 

Following the thermal imaging inspection and report review, your inspector may make some recommendations about repairs and possible remediation methods. It may be necessary to consult a professional to service or assist with repairs. For DIY situations, be sure to follow strict health and safety precautions using equipment and always wear the appropriate protective gear.

Need reputable San Diego thermal imaging for your home? 

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