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5 Steps to Flood Damage Repair

A flood can strike when you least expect it and leave disastrous consequences. Unless you have a background in flood damage remediation, the key to minimizing the damages is to avoid handling the flood damage repair on your own. Instead, you should hire a reputable company in San Diego to handle it for you.

But why is this the case? What exactly does this service include? We’re happy you asked because we’ve prepared a breakdown of the 5 steps flood restoration companies follow to minimize flood-related damages. Read on!




How do you deal with flood damage?

As previously mentioned, you shouldn’t deal with floods by yourself. Leave the work to a certified expert who will first examine your house from top to bottom to determine what needs to be done. From there, if you’ve hired the right restoration team, they’ll typically take the following steps to fix your property:

1. Assess the situation 

The first thing experts do is to identify the type of water damage you’re dealing with: 

  • White water (little-to-no contamination and comes from sinks, pipes, water heaters, or bathtubs)
  • Gray water (some contamination and comes from dishwashers or washing machines) 
  • Black water (severely contaminated and comes from toilets or sewage) 

They also determine the percentage of porous materials affected by the flooding, so they can come up with the right dehumidification strategy. 

2. Extract standing water 

The next step is to extract any standing water with various machines, such as submersible pumps and industrial vacuums. Afterward, technicians remove lingering water with portable wet/dry vacuums and often use thermal cameras to detect hidden moisture under your floorboards or behind walls. 

3. Dehumidify 

Specialists dry and dehumidify your house using commercial dehumidifiers and air movers. In addition, they also open doors and windows to boost air circulation. 

4. Clean and disinfect

Once experts dehumidify your property, they sanitize the place with antimicrobial solutions and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums and/or air scrubbers while wearing high-quality safety equipment: 

  • Protective overalls or disposable clothes 
  • Rubber boots 
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • N-95 masks

5. Repair 

At this point, professionals have set the stage for their repairs: 

  • Deep-cleaning or replacing carpets 
  • Reusing/replacing floorboards
  • Fixing drywall 

Keep in mind that some parts of your house may be unsalvageable if the flood was intense or if they had been exposed to moisture for a long time before you scheduled your service.

How long does it take to repair everything after a flood?

The time it takes to repair your house after a flood depends on many factors: 

  • Type and amount of water 
  • How long your home’s been exposed to water
  • Size of the place
  • Number of people performing the repairs

In general, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to fix everything. This might sound too long, but remember: it’ll take you much longer to go over everything if you take the DIY route, especially if you make a mistake when repairing your home. Therefore, don’t take a chance. Let a trustworthy professional handle the situation. 

Where can I find a team for flood damage repair in San Diego

How do you deal with flood damageWith years of experience and absolute commitment, The Inspectors Company is the go-to team for fixing flood-related problems in San Diego. If there’s been an accident in your home, just give us a call, and we’ll be at your doorstep in no time. 

All our technicians are InterNACHI-certified, meaning they use industry-leading methods and equipment to fix your house. We also have next-level attention to detail, which allows us to identify and eliminate moisture problems throughout your property.  

Once we take over, your water damage will be history. You’ll go back to enjoying the marine life at Birch Aquarium without worrying about the condition of your house. Schedule your remediation service today!