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The Ultimate Septic Tank Inspection in San Diego

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To have a well-maintained home in excellent condition, you need to schedule regular maintenance and inspection checks, including professional septic tank inspection. And The Inspectors Company has the best people for the job!

We handle proper inspection checks of septic systems to ensure unobstructed waste disposal. By employing tried-and-tested inspection methods and cutting-edge tools, we are uniquely positioned to inspect septic tanks thoroughly and reveal any existing or possible issues. This way, we’re able to prevent damage to your property and help you avoid unnecessary costs. Start improving your property the right way – contact us today!

Is a septic inspection really necessary?

A septic tank is an important component of the septic system, enabling waste disposal, water filtration, and natural absorption. Although inspections of septic tanks aren’t a legal requirement, it is strongly advised that you schedule regular checks. Here are some of the top reasons why you should contact a septic tank inspection company:

  • If you’re buying a property, you should make sure it’s in excellent condition. 
  • If you’re remodeling your home, you should be certain your septic system is fully functional and suitable for expansion. 
  • If you’re selling your house, having septic tank issues detected and fixed will enable you to increase the value of your property.
  • If you want to prevent property damage, you should minimize the risk of issues such as unpleasant odors, flushing problems, drainage malfunctions, etc.
  • Regular septic tank inspections are imperative to saving you thousands of dollars on system replacements.

So, whether you’re a home seller, buyer, or owner in San Diego, you can greatly benefit from our professional septic tank inspection services. The Inspectors Company handles detailed septic tank inspection to the highest standards, identifying pressing issues and minimizing the risk of further damage. Give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment at your convenience!

What is a full septic inspection?

You can distinguish between two different types of septic inspection: 

  • Visual: This is a quick inspection that entails asking a homeowner a few questions, checking flushing and drainage, and taking a look at the drain field for standing water. 
  • Full: This type of inspection is more thorough because it entails the examination of the tank, water level, and backflow level. 

As one of the leading septic tank inspection companies serving the San Diego area, we focus on meeting our clients’ needs. Our inspection services are designed to tackle the challenges of each property and identify possible problems. We deliver full-service inspections of septic systems and can determine if everything is up to code. Count on above-par services each and every time!

What is involved in a septic inspection?

Our experienced specialists have undergone expert septic tank inspector training, so they can identify a number of issues when conducting a septic tank inspection:

  • The date the tank was last pumped, as an additional reference when checking the sludge level
  • All system apertures and components should be free of cracks and other visible damages
  • Proper sizing parameters met – accommodates property and occupancy size
  • Appropriate location, away from water sources such as wells and streams
  • Ensure there is no cross-contamination of groundwater and wastewater
  • Ensure firm connection of baffles to tank’s inlet and outlet pipes
  • Equal distribution of wastewater among drain lines

As technicians with exceptional septic tank inspector qualifications, we’re more than competent to assist you in bringing your system to the highest standards. We follow an exhaustive septic tank inspection checklist because we want to ensure we’ve checked every inch of your system for possible problems. Such a thorough and dedicated approach enables us to provide our clients with complete security and dependability.

How long does a septic inspection take?

Typically, an inspection of your septic system can last up to three hours. The length of the inspection depends on your system and its complexity. So, if you’ve made plans to go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with your family on the day of the inspection, it’s advisable that you ask your inspector how long the inspection will take once they are at the site. 

Of course, if you contact us to handle the required septic tank inspection, we will do our best to work around your schedule and get the job done with maximum efficiency. There’s a reason why we’re the #1 choice of San Diego residents.

How often should a septic tank be inspected?

You should schedule top-notch septic tank inspection in San Diego in the following situations:

  • A septic system inspection is necessary as soon as the house is put on the market. Along with adding value to the property, it helps avoid any liability issues that could result from a failing septic tank. It’s also in the best interest of a prospective homebuyer to insist on thorough servicing performed by a septic system inspector.
  • As a homeowner, you should schedule expert inspections on a regular basis (recommended once a year, but at least every three years), especially considering the fact that poorly maintained, and often failing, septic systems are very expensive to repair or replace.
  • Depending on the property size and number of household members, your system may need pumping every three to five years. An underperforming septic system will lower your property’s value and could pose a legal liability, not to mention a community health hazard. Properly maintaining your septic and plumbing system could prevent the spread of infection and disease.

As a homeowner, you are solely responsible for maintaining a well-functioning septic tank. It’s an investment in your health and your home, as well as your neighborhood. Luckily, you have us to rely on instead of handling these matters on your own. We have top septic tank inspector recommendations and never cut corners when delivering our services. Make an investment wort making – contact us today!

How much is a septic tank inspection?

Many homeowners believe that septic tank inspections aren’t worth the cost since they’re not legally required. However, this type of inspection won’t cause you to break the bank. On the contrary, by scheduling an inspection with reliable and qualified septic tank inspectors, you can save money in the long run by avoding unnecessary repair or replacement costs.

In general, the cost will depend on the type of inspection, provider’s reputation and experience, the condition of your system, etc. Fortunately, a great number of companies offer free price estimates or transparent fees displayed on their websites.

With us, you get the highest level of honesty because we offer our clients fair, transparent rates for superior-quality service. Inspect & improve your septic system with a high return on your investment!

What can go wrong with a septic inspection?

While homeowners can perform certain aspects of visual inspection themselves, a thorough inspection should be performed by experts with septic tank inspection certification who offer cost-effective solutions. 

If you decide to do this type of inspection on your own, you risk failing to detect certain problems due to a lack of experience and professional equipment. Consequently, an overlooked issue can cause serious damage to your septic tank, causing you to pay a fortune to replace it. 

However, you can easily avoid this by reaching out to competent septic tank inspectors – The Inspectors Company. Rest assured that we’re extremely thorough when inspecting a septic system, employing nothing but proven solutions and top-rated tools. We have what it takes to identify a problem and compile a comprehensive report for further improvements. 

Do home inspectors check septic tanks?

If you want to schedule a septic tank inspection in San Diego, you need to find reliable, experienced professionals who can meet the industry standards. In general, companies that deliver home inspection services can specialize in septic system examination. However, always check if a certain company is qualified to perform this type of inspection. 

With us, you don’t have to worry about this because we offer specialized septic tank inspection services based on a tried-and-true approach and years of experience in the field. Our septic tank inspectors have InterNACHI certifications and excellent recommendations, so rest easy knowing that our qualified pros are here for you.

How do you maintain a septic tank?

Our septic system inspectors may offer some advice or further recommendations in addition to these listed proper precautions and maintenance guidelines:

  • Cars and other heavy machinery should not be driven on or near the drain field as their weight may cause unseen damage to the underground plumbing system.
  • Bath tissue should be the only other thing flushed down the toilet, besides human waste. Other items, even biodegradable should never be flushed or dumped down your drain.
  • Avoid planting trees and large shrubs above the septic tank and drain field, roots may cause unseen damage to pipelines.
  • Avert rainwater and surface water drainage away from the drain field. Over-saturation may cause the plumbing system to back up.
  • Take shorter showers, limit garbage disposal use, and fix leaky faucets and toilets immediately.
  • Avoid digging or building atop the drain field.
  • Schedule regular septic system inspections.

Our San Diego septic tank inspection is just a beginning

The Inspectors Company is not just a trusted septic tank inspection company. We also specialize in other types of home inspection services, including top-rated pre-listing inspection across San Diego. Our team also consists of the most experienced sewer line inspection professionals and highly trained home appliance inspectors in the San Diego region.

Additionally, we are eager to provide our clients with not only stellar inspection services, but also world-class customer care and assistance. We’re always available to answer any possible questions you may have or discuss our services. Reach out to us and we’ll set up an appointment. Let’s start improving your home!

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