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8 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Roof

Your roof might look strong and sturdy, but it’s always prone to damage, which lessens its lifespan and can lead to regular repairs or even a need for a roof reinstallation. This is why we advise to have your roof regularly inspected.

If you’re even in doubt if your San Diego home’s roof is healthy, you should call a professional roof inspection service to check up on your roof. In the meantime, you can prolong the life of your roof by following our tips below.

How do I prolong the life of my roof?

Where in San Diego can I get professional roof inspection serviceThere’s a couple of things homeowners should make sure to do in order to prolong their roof’s lifespan. We’ll provide you with some helpful tips that help prevent common roofing problems in order to make sure your roof remains healthy for a long time.

1. Make sure your roof is properly installed and maintained

One of the core things that extend a roof’s lifespan is its proper installation and maintenance. Whether you’re setting up your roof or regularly maintaining it, make sure that you hire a company that has certified professionals that provide full insurance. A poorly installed roof is a lot more prone to damage than a properly installed one.

2. Clean the gutters

Another good thing to do is to check up on your gutters regularly and make sure that they are clean. If you see any debris present in your gutters you should clean it as soon as possible, as debris and water buildup can wear down the gutters and the roof, and lead to water leaking down through your walls.

3. Check for damaged or missing shingles

Shingles are crucial for the integrity of not only your roof, but the rest of your house as well. Damaged or missing shingles can introduce water into your attic or lead to insects and critters finding their new home in your roof, which can cause further roof damage down the line if left unchecked.

4. Check for loose or missing nails

Over time, nails on your roof can turn loose or even fall out entirely. This further makes it possible for water to come in through the nail holes and cause leaks in the attic and moss buildup. If you see any loose nails, simply get a hammer and hammer them down, and replace any that are missing.

5. Clean the roof from moss and other debris

Moss, branches, small rocks and other debris are not uncommon to be found on the roof. They might seem harmless at first, but if left unchecked they can lead to roof damage as they get blown around by the wind, for example. Make sure to scrape any moss present and remove any other debris present to ensure your roof doesn’t get worn down over time.

6. Trim trees next to your roof

If you have any trees next to your house that are tall enough to reach the roof, make sure to trim their branches regularly. Falling branches can also cause major roof damage, especially if the branches are thick, and the tree itself can be used by animals and insects to find their way onto your roof.

Furthermore, wind can easily sway the branches towards your roof which can lead to the branches scraping the roof and potentially damaging it. 

7. Insulate your attic

Proper attic insulation will not only help lower your electricity bills, but it will also help extend the life of your roof. Especially during summer, your shingles get heated by the sunlight, which can wear them down significantly over time, by making them brittle and thus prone to breaking and falling off. By insulating your attic you’ll help your shingles last a lot longer.

8. Make sure to schedule regular roofing inspections

Even though it’s incredibly important to have your roof regularly inspected, it’s common for homeowners to forget to book regular roof assessment. It’s generally advised to have a checkup at least once a year, so that you’re sure that your roof is always in good shape and to get ahead of any potential roofing issues.

Where in San Diego can I get professional roof inspection service?

How do I prolong the life of my roof

In case you live in San Diego or the surrounding areas, and you would want to have your roof checked, we’ve got you covered. Here at The Inspectors Company, we take pride in our professional, InterNACHI certified roofing inspectors that are specialized in identifying all types of roofing issues. 

Our highly-trained inspectors also specialize in sewer and mold examination, thermal and infrared imaging, and more. Call us today, and have your roof examined by our pros so that you can visit Balboa Park for some care-free relaxation.


5 Common Roofing Problems to Look Out For

Every homeowner is bound to have a roofing problem at least once in their lives. Given how exposed roofs are to weather, insects and other potential threats, it’s usually a matter of time. Furthermore, roofing problems can potentially lead to huge damage to the rest of your house.

That’s why it’s usually a good idea to contact experienced roofing inspectors so that they can accurately identify any potential issues. Luckily, there’s no shortage of roofing inspection companies in San Diego, so you always have that option.

If you’d prefer to inspect your roof yourself, though, you should get familiar with the most common roofing problems, so that you know what to look out for. If you don’t know what the most common problems are, we’ve got you covered. 

What are common roofing problems?Where to find reputable roofing inspection companies in San Diego

Generally, every homeowner should look out for any roof irregularities. Given how exposed the roof is, it can fall victim to a number of problems. Here you’ll learn about five of the most common roofing problems, as they are often the most frequent ones and the easiest to spot, and a sign that you might need a professional roof assessment.

1. Poor installation

In order for your roof to be and remain healthy, it’s important to set it up properly from the very start. That’s why it’s crucial to hire professionals when setting it up, as this way you will make sure that your roof is properly installed and thus less likely to suffer from other problems that can potentially develop down the line.

2. Roof leaks

Roof leaks are one of the most common roofing problems. If you notice water running down your facade and walls or if it’s accumulating in your attic, your roof is probably leaking. This can be a result of a couple of things, usually it’s due to improper installation, gutter problems or shingle damage. 

Leaks can lead to mold, which can cause health issues, so it’s vital that they are addressed promptly.

3. Clogged or broken gutters

The gutters on your roof can get clogged due to a buildup of leaves, branches and other debris, which can cause water to run down both the outside and inside of your walls, and this can lead to serious wall damage. It’s advised to regularly inspect your gutters for debris buildup.

4. Damaged or missing shingles

Any kind of hole on a roof is a bad thing. This is especially true if there’s a hole in your shingles. Damaged or missing shingles can lead to leaks, insect, or critter infestation. It’s best that you make sure that you don’t have any shingles missing on your roof and that they aren’t damaged.

5. Irregular and poor maintenance

It’s generally advised to have regular roofing examination and maintenance by professionals, at least once a year. Neglecting your roof is bad and potentially dangerous, as a defective roof can lead to further damage.

Where to find reputable roofing inspection companies in San Diego?

What are common roofing problems

If your San Diego area home is in need of a roofing checkup, we’re here for you. Our certified inspectors will make sure that your roof is inspected in detail so that you don’t need to worry or inspect it yourself. After all, that time can be much better spent visiting the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Besides regular roof checkups, we also offer mobile home assessment services, sewer line checkup services, thermal imaging, and more. So there’s no reason to wait – book us now and get your roof examined by the pros.

5 Benefits of Hiring Pros for a Roof Inspection

The roof is one of the most integral parts of a house, as it shields it from the elements and provides proper cover and shelter for living. A damaged roof may not only lead to further damage to your house, but it can also greatly lower your home value, should you consider selling it. This is why it’s very important to have your roof inspected regularly.

If you’re unsure how to do it yourself and you require a professional roof inspection service company in San Diego, this article can help you get your roof properly inspected.

Why should you get a professional roof inspection?

Even though you could inspect your roof by yourself, hiring professionals is the best thing to do. Roof inspection is not a simple thing, and apart from safety concerns, you need to know what to look out for up there. Experienced roof inspectors can:

1. Accurately assess roof damage

A thorough roof inspection is needed in order to assess damages to your roof and get it ready for repairs if required. This will greatly reduce the time needed for a repair as well as get you informed regarding repair costs depending on the damage.

2. Detect leaks

Water leaks can be very hard to spot and can turn into a health hazard. When the water reaches your walls, it may not only cause structural damage to your house, but also lead to mold which can irritate your eyes, nose and skin, as well as induce heavy coughing. Quick and professional leak detection is key for preventing these issues from occurring.

3 Properly set up and repair drainage

Dust and various debris can quickly and easily accumulate in your roof’s drainage system and cause it to clog. This can result in leaks and water overflow which will cause damage to your facade and inner walls. By hiring professional roof inspectors, you will make sure that the roof’s drainage is clear and working properly.

4. Help with roof warranty and insurance claims

Most roof warranties require regular roof inspection (usually once a year, although some may require an inspection every two years). Therefore, for your warranty to not be declared void, you need to make sure that your roof gets regularly inspected. Some warranties also state that improper and unauthorized roof maintenance can lead to it becoming void, so hiring professionals to do it will ensure that your warranty terms are being followed.

5. Raise your home value

The importance of a healthy roof can’t be stressed enough. Having your roof regularly inspected and maintained will increase your home value since it’s one of the most valued things people care about when looking to buy a house. You will be amazed at how much of an impact a well-maintained and regularly inspected roof can have on the value of your property.

Where-can-I-find-a-professional-roof-inspection-service-in-San-DiegoWhere can I find a professional roof inspection service in San Diego, CA?

In case you don’t know how to properly inspect your roof, or if you would rather get experienced professionals to do it for you, The Inspectors Company is here to help. We offer #1 roof inspection services in all of San Diego, and we’ll make sure that your roof is in proper shape. We are InterNACHI certified San Diego home inspectors, and we also provide other professional inspection services such as mold inspection, sewer line inspection, and more.

So there’s no reason to wait. Make sure to contact us today and get your roof inspected by our highly-trained inspectors, and you can spend your leisure time walking through Pantoja Park knowing that your roof is in proper condition.

5 Signs You Need a Roof Inspection

Having a well-maintained and durable roof is important to every homeowner. After all, roofs have a major role in protecting a house from the elements, alongside the walls, of course. It’s easy to forget about it and just assume that your roof is in good condition. Still, you should really pay attention to any possible signs that your roof might need inspecting and repairing.

In this article, we will examine the five most important signs that you need a roof inspection. And always remember – if you’re unsure how to properly inspect your roof, you can always contact professional roofing inspectors in San Diego, CA.

Should-I-get-a-roof-inspectionShould I get a roof inspection?

There are specific signs to look out for if you suspect something is wrong with your roof. Some are easier to spot, some aren’t, but they are all equally important.

Visible roof damage

Roof damage is mostly easy to spot, no matter if your roof is made out of shingles or tiles. You should look out for any missing shingles, holes, bends, or cracks in your roof. This is the main entry point for water to leak into your house or insects and critters entering your attic and making it their home. Even if there are no thunderstorms or any other natural disasters in your area, the roof can still crack and break due to exposure to temperature and wind.

Clogged or damaged gutters and drainage issues

Any sign of water running down your facade means that your gutters are probably clogged, bent, or cracked and that your drainage system has issues draining water properly. If you leave your gutters clogged for a longer period, the water can seriously damage your walls, and even your foundation.

Water stains on ceiling or walls

If your ceiling or walls have any wet or dried-out stains, or the presence of mold, then that means that water or moisture has found a way inside your roof and has started leaking through the attic. This is a serious sign that your roof needs an inspection. Unattended moisture and leaks can lead to serious molding which can cause major health issues, as mold can irritate your eyes and your skin and cause issues to your lungs.

Peeling paint

Another thing you should look out for is the paint on your roofline. If it’s peeling or appears worn, it might mean that there’s a buildup of water and humidity in your roof which causes your paint to deteriorate. Even though it might seem unimportant, peeling roofline paint might be a sign of water leaking through your roof and into your attic and the rest of the house.

Sagging roof

If you notice that your roof isn’t straight and is instead sagging downwards, then your roof needs to be inspected immediately. A sagging roof indicates water leaks and moisture build ups which deform the roof, and may lead to major structural damage if left unchecked. If the moisture builds up too much, you will need to have your entire roof replaced. Therefore, make sure to act quickly.

You should definitely have your roof inspected as soon as possible if you notice any of the signs mentioned above. The more you delay it the greater the risk for further roof deterioration which can result in serious structural damage. Hiring professionals to do the job has many benefits.

Where-can-I-find-reputable-roofing-inspectors-in-San-Diego-CAWhere can I find reputable roofing inspectors in San Diego, CA?

If you live in the San Diego area and you require roof inspection services, then make sure to contact The Inspectors Company. We are a certified and professional home inspection company that specializes in roof inspections. In case you need any other type of home inspection as well – we’re here for you. Our other services include mobile home inspection, thermal imaging and infrared home inspection, and more.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call and make your home as sturdy as the Old Point Loma Lighthouse!