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Independent assessments of your property

Our mission is to help you make an informed decision when selling or purchasing a property. We will do a professional job organizing and conducting your scheduled home inspection in Moreno Valley or other locations in the area in a timely manner. Once the job is done, you will receive a clear and comprehensive report detailing all our findings, based on which you can plan your next step in the process.

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A wide range of services for your property inspection needs

Your reliable source of home inspections

We are committed to our line of work and to our clients in Moreno Valley and other areas across Riverside County. Whichever home inspection you schedule, we will rise to your expectations and do our job efficiently and professionally:

  • Pre-listing home inspection: Pave the path for a mutually favorable outcome.
  • Buyer home inspection: Make a rational, forward-thinking financial decision.
  • 4-point inspection: This convenient inspection covers the 4 key points of your property. 
  • Mobile home inspection: Flexible inspections of mobile properties available anywhere.
  • Verbal home inspection: Receive a quick and reliable report over the phone.
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CPI® designation

InterNACHI®-certified home inspectors: serving your needs

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All our inspectors are InterNACHI®-certified industry professionals. In addition to pursuing continuing education in the field and keeping track of up-to-date building practices and standards, we use cutting-edge tools and state-of-the-art software in our work.


Your valuable tool for home inspections

We have all the resources to perform your home inspection in Moreno Valley

InterNACHI-certification with ongoing education and training in the field

Pricing and transaction transparency, cost-effective solutions

Non-invasive, cutting-edge equipment and sophisticated software

Less stress and uncertainty for sellers and buyers

A team of experts with a long and strong track record in the industry

A streamlined, carefully planned and skillfully executed process

Dependable solutions, on-time delivery

Dedicated to protecting your interests and your investment

Enjoy your peace of mind and experience outstanding customer service.

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Choose your service

Specialized home inspections

Mold inspection

As a household name in the home inspection industry, we can perform a specialized mold inspection whenever, wherever.

Roofing inspection

Comprehensive roofing inspections matter. We will assess the condition of your roofing elements for proper function.

Thermal imaging

We conduct inspections using non-invasive thermal imaging techniques which yield high-precision results.

Pool & spa inspections

We can conduct detailed pool & spa inspections to check the functionality and safety of your pool, spa and components.

Sewer line inspection

Book our meticulous step-by-step sewer line inspection and gain accurate insight into the performance of your sewer system.

Septic tank inspection

Schedule a thorough septic tank inspection and we will thoroughly inspect it for current or potential plumbing issues.

Recall check appliance

Key electrical appliance failure can be extremely dangerous, but we can help eliminate risks and ensure your safety and protection

This is what our process looks like

Frequently Asked Questions

A home inspection should list all relevant findings on the report, but it is impossible to take care of every single item listed on a report. Like any home inspector or real estate agent in Moreno Valley will without a doubt tell you, no home is flawless.

However, if there are any urgent issues to take care of, a seller will likely agree to complete the necessary repairs. If not, you will have more leeway to negotiate the asking price and adjust your offer according to the scope of estimated repair costs.

For decades, courts in California have been consistent regarding decisions on disclosure of home inspection findings: sellers and their realtors have the duty to disclose all prior inspection reports, even if they were not scheduled and paid for by the seller.

As a buyer, you can renegotiate the agreed-upon purchase price if the home inspection in Moreno Valley turns up major problems that could have a serious impact on the value of the home. A realistic offer in this scenario would be 1% to 5% below the asking price. If you’re paying cash, you may be able to negotiate a more favorable deal.

In the vast majority of cases in Moreno Valley and nationwide, it is the buyer who schedules a home inspection. But what if the report of the home inspection leaves you disappointed and reveals so many defects that you no longer want to proceed with the transaction?

You have the option to give up, but you need to do it prior to the deadline and in accordance with the stipulations of the contract.

Approximately 15% of the deals that fall through is due to the buyer backing out following the inspection. If you are a seller, you need to be fully prepared, ready to negotiate and lower the asking price if needed, especially if you are in a hurry to sell.

Strictly speaking, the seller does not have the option to back out after an inspection if the contract has already been officially signed, but there may be a way out: you can attempt to get the buyer to walk away from the transaction.

Namely, home buyers often request that sellers complete or cover the cost of repairs of issues listed in the report. As a seller, you can refuse to do so. This could cancel the contract, albeit not in the strictly technical sense. However, the buyer may decide to still proceed with the transaction, in which case you would have to do the same.

Another way to walk away from the deal is to refuse to wait for the buyer to come up with an alternative source of financing, such as if they are unable to get a mortgage.

Living in a dynamic community such as Moreno Valley comes with amazing perks, and the future of the vibrant city looks promising. Whether you are looking to sell your family home with a view of the famous Box Springs Mountain mountaintop ‘M’ or buy a house near Moreno Valley College campus, your transaction can be worth your while, and we are here to ease and facility the transition from point A to point B.

In addition to home inspections in Moreno Valley, we can send a home inspector to your property anywhere else in the area of Riverside County. Whether it’s a pre-listing home inspection in Temecula or an urgent verbal home inspection in Murrieta, we can help.

Here at The Inspectors Company, we have a reputation to uphold, which is why we hold every inspector on our team to the highest industry standards. We train, educate, and mentor all our property inspectors, engendering in them the commitment to use their skills and resources to perform an accurate, impartial property inspection.

Secure your financial future and make smart real estate investment decisions. For more details on our home inspection services available across California, call now!

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