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House vs Apartment Inspections: 4 Key Differences

What do they look for in an apartment inspection vs a house inspection

The importance of home inspections in San Diego, CA, can’t be overlooked. They reduce the risk of regretting your decision to buy a house and can make you eligible for homeowner’s insurance.

Although all home checks yield the same benefits, not every service is the same. In particular, there are the 4 key differences between apartment and house inspections. Coming up is an overview of those differences – read on!

What do they look for in an apartment inspection vs a house inspection?

Hiring professionals is the best way to avoid missing a number of key areas in your place. That said, licensed inspectors don’t have the same routine when checking apartments and houses. There are several critical differences:


Difference 1 – There are no roof checks during apartment inspections

As apartments only have ceilings, there’s no need to inspect the roof of the entire building when performing an apartment inspection. By contrast, an integral part of every house inspection is evaluating the roof. Here’s what these jobs involve:

  • Roof coverings (e.g., shingles or tiles)
  • Gutters
  • Vents
  • Downspouts
  • Flashings
  • Chimney
  • Skylights
  • Other structural parts

Keep in mind that professionals aren’t always required to climb the roof. However, they often complement their visual inspection from the ground with a closer look at all the elements. It’s the only way to ensure there are no ice dams, leaks, rodent infestation, and other serious problems that can affect these structures.


Difference 2 – House inspections include attic, crawlspace, and foundation checks

Few apartments have attics, crawlspaces, and foundation. For this reason, they’re almost exclusively checked during house inspections:

  • Crawlspaces – Professionals can look for disconnected electrical circuits, structural damage, and mold clusters when checking a crawlspace. They can also examine the place for weak spots to help you determine the ideal waterproofing solution.
  • Attic – The two main issues inspectors look for when checking the attic are poor ventilation and improper insulation. This place must have proper ventilation, so it can breathe seamlessly and resist water damage. Furthermore, there should be appropriate insulation to help the owner maintain pleasant indoor temperatures.
  • Foundation – Checking the foundation of a house is especially important. Here, professionals try to identify any lean or bulging areas, which typically indicate uneven load. House and foundation walls should be level and flush. In addition, they may be on the lookout for cracks and other forms that point to water damage.

Difference 3 – Exterior checks aren’t the same

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Some exterior checks are the same, whether you have an apartment or house. For instance, your contractor can examine the windows, doors, stairs, and drainage.

That said, other external areas are house-specific:

  • Siding
  • Trim and flashing
  • Driveways and walkways
  • Decks and patios

Your apartment inspection check will rarely (if ever) involve these places.


Difference 4 – Apartment inspections don’t include basements

Since apartments don’t have basements, basement checks are only available with house inspections. Among other things, experts look for pooling water and other signs of water damage.

Who provides the finest home inspections in San Diego, CA?

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