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The 101s of Home Inspection Reports

Whether you want to sell or buy a property, booking a home inspection is a must. It allows you to identify any problems with the place so you can address them before the sale. Providers of home inspection services in San Diego, CA, may approach this project differently, but one thing’s for sure – they need to have an inspection report.

What does this document include, and why is it so important? You’ll find out in this entry. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about home inspection reports.

What is the purpose of a home inspection report?

When scheduling an evaluation, you don’t want a contractor who overlooks the most important areas of your property. You don’t want someone who fails to fill out a report, either. Here’s why this document is critical:

What is the purpose of a home inspection report

  • Identifying the problems with your property – The best thing about inspection reports is that they detail any issues you may have with your property. Whether you have plumbing or electrical problems, they’ll be described in the report. The same goes for structural damage, such as roof or foundation damage.
  • Providing advice – You and your inspector can use the report to discuss the next move. In other words, you can determine whether you need to repair or replace certain problems. Doing so without having insights into the condition of the place in the form of a report would be nearly impossible.
  • Help you make a good decision – The last thing you want is to buy a house or list your house for sale without an inspection report. On the one hand, you risk moving into a property that hasn’t been verifiably checked. On the other hand, fewer homebuyers will be interested in your place if you don’t have the report.

What are the contents of a home inspection report?

Most house checks have a lot in common. For example, whether you need someone to examine a house or apartment, their report should contain the following information:

  • General details about your place, such as construction date and square footage.
  • Report summary that highlights any issues.
  • Drawings and pictures of those issues.

The most important part of any report is the summary. It provides an overview of the problems that need to be addressed. Here are a few examples:

  • Weak foundation
  • Damaged roof
  • Crooked sidewalk
  • Torn-off shingles
  • Compromised flashing and skylights
  • Faulty service panels and fuses
  • Bad water heater and drain
  • Moldy attic, ceilings, and drywall
  • Cracked windows and wet carpets due to water damage home inspection services san diego ca

It’s also worth mentioning what you can’t find in a report. More specifically, the report won’t recommend purchasing or not purchasing a place.

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