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Top 3 Deal Breakers When Buying a Home

Top-3-Deal-Breakers-When-Buying-a-HomeYou’re looking for a new house, and a property looks like the place of your dreams. The roof appears in great shape, and there’s plenty of space for your family. It seems your search is over, so, why shouldn’t you close the sales?

But don’t sign any papers just yet. Even though the house looks fantastic, a thorough home inspection provider in Chula Vista, CA, may reveal a number of problems that can break the deal. We’ll list 3 of those problems right here.

What are deal breakers in a house?

Deal breakers are common on both sides, not just when you’re buying a house. Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, your deal can fall through at various points of the negotiations. For instance, you may pull out if the owner doesn’t disclose loud neighbors, which is one of the responsibilities of the other party

Other potential problems have to do with the property itself, which is why you should schedule a detailed service that reveals all the flaws of the place. Here are some of those flaws:

1. Foundation cracks

A foundation crack might not seem significant at first, but it points to more severe underlying issues. For example, the soil around the building might be prone to settling, and the owner hasn’t invested in proper defense mechanisms.

Buying such a property is ill-advised. You may end up living in a house that constantly requires you to fix cracks. This never ending cycle can lose you a lot of money without addressing the fundamental malady.

2. Basement leaks

Some basement leaks may not be the end of the world. The root of the problem might be deteriorated window weatherstripping, which isn’t too difficult to fix.

By contrast, some other causes of leaks require thousands of dollars and months of repairs. A typical example is a lack of a proper drainage solution. The place might not have a sump pump or any other system that directs water away from the basement.

To make matters worse, basement leaks tend to get worse over time. If the gutters are in poor shape, too, they fail to drain water safely away from the property. Instead, it pools near the basement and gradually seeps inside to exacerbate the situation. As a result, buying a place in this condition is a bad call.

3. Neglected roof

On the surface, any roof may look good after a few cosmetic improvements. But if you dig below the surface, you might discover all sorts of problems that make the property unbuyable.

For example, the support beams and underlayment might have been exposed to heavy rain, and the owner did nothing about it. The moisture has weakened these parts, and it’s only a matter of time before they give in. The last thing you want is to risk your well-being by living in such unstable places.

What-are-deal-breakers-in-a-houseWho should I contact when buying a home? None other than the leading home inspection provider in Chula Vista, CA!

Some owners are out to scam you by trying to sell a damaged property for more than it’s worth. Thankfully, a qualified inspector can help you make an informed decision by evaluating the place from top to bottom.

That’s exactly what The Inspectors Company provides. Get in touch with us, and we’ll be by your side throughout your sale. Let us scour the house in-depth and eliminate the risk of hidden water damage, roofing issues, and other unpleasant surprises.

Whether you plan on moving near San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge or any other Chula Vista area, we’ll be by your side. Book our services today, and we’ll be the ace up your sleeve when dealing with dishonest sellers.