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What’s the Best Time to Sell a Home?

Whats-the-Best-Time-to-Sell-a-HomeTechnically, you can sell your property throughout the year. But here’s the catch; prices fluctuate a lot and you probably won’t get the same price at all times of the year. Many factors determine the right time to advertise your house, and this article will list those factors.

In order to help you get the most value out of the sale, we’ve prepared a short guide on how to determine the best time to sell your property in Poway, CA. Additionally, you’ll find out how home inspection services can help you get the highest price and give you the upper hand during negotiations. Read on!

What are the best months to sell a house?

The best months to sell your house tend to be March, April, May, June, July, and August. In other words, you’re better off selling the place in spring and summer than in fall and winter. Demand is usually higher at this time of the year, leading to higher housing prices and the ability to sell the property faster.

But keep in mind that this is not a set-in-stone rule. Just like you need to consider many factors when buying a house, there are many variables that impact your ability to sell your property for a great price. These include:


The first thing people look at when buying a house is the location. If it’s close to downtown hubs, bodies of water, or schools, it’s a big plus for you as a seller. The proximity to these amenities allows the new owner to live more comfortably.

That said, fans of urban areas aren’t the only group you can target. Namely, one of the aftermaths of the coronavirus pandemic is higher demand for suburban homes. If your house is one of those properties, you can get an excellent price by marketing the place to the right audience.

Construction quality

A house in a terrific location is great, but it’s even better if it’s a well-made home. Here’s what we mean by well-made:

  • High-quality foundation: A robust foundation gives the new owner peace of mind, knowing the house is stable and less prone to leaks.
  • Robust roof: The better your roof, the more likely it is to survive intense storms and high winds. Make sure your roof is free from cracks, warping, and other types of damage to sell your home for a higher price.
  • Thick walls: Walls more than 4.5 inches wide are generally considered thick walls. They make the property more secure and long-lasting.
  • Reliable electrical system: Your electrical system shouldn’t have any loose wires or tripped circuit breakers.


If future homeowners like the location and construction, these extras can help you seal the deal:

  • Expansive, stylishly decorated yard with a pool and barbecue
  • Garage with an automatic garage door
  • Excellent weatherstripping
  • Eye-catching facade
  • Elegant decor

What-are-the-best-months-to-sell-a-houseWhere in Poway, CA, can I book dependable home inspection services?

When looking to sell your Poway home, you may hear a bunch of tips. But here’s the most important tip you’ll ever get: hire a licensed house inspector. This professional can be a real ace up your sleeve. By discovering various issues on time, they tell you what to renovate, so you can get the best price for your property.

Best of all, you won’t have to waste any time looking for the right provider because The Inspectors Company is here for you. Whether you want us to examine an expansive house, investigate a condo in detail, or inspect all the nooks and crannies of a quaint cabin, our in-depth methods will make all the difference.

After we evaluate your place, check out the awe-inspiring Blue Sky Ecological Reserve. Your house will be just as stunning once you address all the issues that we discover during the investigation. Book now!