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Top 7 Most Common Home Inspection Issues

It’s an indisputable fact of the real estate market that a problem-free home simply doesn’t exist. Even a condo in a brand new building will have at least some issues that may or may not require expensive (and extensive) repairs. Things only get worse the older a home is.

Needless to say, identifying all issues with a property before money changes hands is the only way to avoid making an uninformed buying or selling decision that may result in a serious blow to your finances. Unfortunately, unless you’re a construction expert yourself, you probably lack the necessary training to properly assess a residential property.

This is where San Diego home inspectors come in. These trained technicians specialize in visually assessing residential and commercial properties for the purpose of providing their clients with a comprehensive home inspection report. Read on to learn more.

What are the most common home inspection problems?

We don’t usually think of them in those terms, but modern homes are incredibly complex and technologically advanced compared to their older counterparts. While this makes them extremely comfortable to live in, it also means they can become defective in many different ways.

Here are the top 7 issues home inspectors look for:

  • Faulty heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are often the result of improper or irregular servicing. These problems can not only cause the heating and cooling systems to work at a reduced effectiveness, they can also aggravate respiratory conditions by negatively affecting the air quality inside the house.
  • Damaged plumbing is a major defect that can cause serious damages and even endanger the long-term health of everyone in the household. It can also be the cause of other issues, such as damaged wiring, mold infestations, and wood rot.
  • Electrical problems. Faulty electrical systems can result in a variety of problems that can sometimes be extremely costly to repair. And yet, they must be addressed because improper electrical wiring can easily lead to life-threatening fires and electrical shocks.
  • A bad roof is one of the worst issues a house can have. Aside from making the property look worse, it can result in leaks that damage other parts of the house. To make matters worse, repairing or replacing an entire roof tends to be an expensive endeavor.
  • Asbestos used to be a popular building material until it was discovered that asbestos dust can stick to people’s lungs and cause them to develop a nasty type of cancer. While newer homes no longer contain asbestos, some older homes still do, and having it removed from them can be costly.
  • Pest infestations are not only difficult to deal with, they can actually cause severe structural damage in the long run. This is especially true with termites and carpenter ants, as these little critters can literally cause a house to become unstable by eating through its walls and foundations.
  • Mold infestations are often the result of improper cleaning, damaged plumbing, roof leaks, or a general lack of maintenance. By constantly releasing spores into the air, mold can aggravate respiratory conditions and fill the entire house with an unpleasant odor.Where can I hire the premier San Diego home inspectors

Where can I hire the premier San Diego home inspectors?

Are you looking to purchase a residential property in the Lomita neighborhood of San Diego? Or perhaps you want to sell a commercial property in Gaslamp Quarter? Whatever your situation may be, you’ll have to thoroughly assess the property in question in order to make sure it’s free of serious defects that may impact your final decision.

At Inspectors Company, we can provide you with first-in-class home inspections that ensure you know everything there is to know about a given property in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Get in touch with us today.