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How Do Home Inspectors Perform Their Inspections?

For most Americans, selling or purchasing a house or any other type of real estate is a huge deal. The amount of money involved is often high enough to affect your standard of living for years, if not decades. You must make sure you have access to all the relevant information before committing to anything. 

A home inspection in San Marcos is a professional examination of a residential property. These inspections are conducted by trained and licensed experts whose goal is to supply you with an in-depth report that lists any minor or major problems the property in question might have.

In the following article, we’ll explain how home inspectors perform their tasks, and shed some more light on what you can expect from your inspector. Read on to learn more. 

What tools does a home inspector need?

Home inspections are non-invasive and non-destructive. This means the inspectors aren’t allowed to dig into walls, disassemble parts of the house, test stability by applying force, or do anything else that might damage the property. 

The tools a home inspector uses reflect this. Not all inspectors carry the same equipment, but the majority of them will bring along gadgets that help them answer your questions and perform a more thorough inspection. 

The tools home inspectors often use include:

  • Flashlights. Dim light is all well and good if you’re creating a romantic atmosphere, but a home inspector needs to be able to see every detail, and to be able to point it out clearly to their client. Small LED flashlights that fit inside a pants pocket are ideal for this,
  • Telescoping inspection mirrors allow inspectors to look at hard-to-reach areas,
  • Measuring tape not only help the inspector determine find discrepancies, it also assists you, their client, in determining whether your furniture would fit a particular area,
  • Extendable ladders are needed in order to take a closer look at things like rafters, roofs, high ceilings, and so on,
  • Electrical GFCI outlet tester can be used to test GFCI outlets and switched wires, outlets that aren’t grounded, and more,
  • Drones. Some tech-inclined home inspectors use drones to get aerial shots of the property and inspect difficult-to-reach areas. This is especially useful when examining large houses and apartments on higher floors,
  • Digital cameras aren’t as necessary these days, seeing as everyone has a camera on their phone anyway. That being said, a quality camera can take extra-sharp pictures and make the final report all the more effective. 

Do home inspectors give repair estimates?

Do home inspectors give repair estimatesIt depends. How much a repair will cost depends on many factors, and may be further affected by problems a home inspector simply can’t see (for instance, water damage inside walls). Because of this, many inspectors refuse to provide a cost estimate.

When a responsible inspector does provide an estimate (usually at the behest of their client), they will invariably point out that they’re providing them with a “ballpark” estimate that’s unlikely to be 100% accurate. 

As a client, your safest bet is to wait for your inspection report to arrive, then get in touch with repairmen or contractors whose field of expertise matches the problem in question, and ask for an educated cost estimate. 

Where can I book the best home inspection in San Marcos?

Are you looking to sell a property in Downtown San Diego? Or maybe you’re interested in purchasing a condo near the California State University San Marcos? Regardless of the specifics of your situation, you shouldn’t sign any deals before subjecting the property to a rigorous examination. 

At Inspectors Company, performing such inspections is our specialty! By booking our services, you’ll ensure you know all there is to know about the home you’re thinking of buying or selling. We’ll tell you what fixes are mandatory and what repairs you should prioritize, as well as help you understand which buyer repair requests are legitimate and which are not. Contact us today.