Why Get a Roof Inspection?

Roof inspections are extremely thorough and can provide you an estimate of how long you can expect the roof over your head to keep doing its job. As licensed roof inspectors, we will provide you with a report of the status and condition of your roof as well as what repairs may be needed.

When buying or selling a home, a roofing inspection is an absolute imperative. As a seller, you are required by law to report the condition of the roof to potential buyers and as a buyer, you will know what to expect before committing to a purchase.

Besides the need to inspect the roof in the course of a real estate transaction, it is recommended if it’s aging (sun exposure and elements are also factors of deterioration). Make an inspection part of you regular maintenance routine to avoid costlier problems down the road.


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Scope of the Roofing Inspection.

  • Checking of home interior for apparent damage or leaks
  • Survey of roof perimeters
  • Survey of surface of roof
  • Inspection of: ridges, caps, drip edges, drains, downspouts and gutters
  • Inspection of flashing areas around pipes, chimneys, vents, and other leak prone areas

If issues are present, we will provide remediation advice and estimates of repair costs and urgency of repairs.
At the end, we will provide a visual roof inspection report.

When have the roof inspected.

Regular roof inspections are suggested twice a year – usually in the springtime and before winter and heavy seasonal changes. Roof repairs can be full of hassles and very costly so roof maintenance and monitoring is highly recommended. It’s also extremely important to know the type of materials that make up your roof as they can determine the longevity of your roof system. For sewer lines see here. Possible composition features may include:

  • Shingles
  • Slate
  • Metal
  • Wood shakes
  • Clay or concrete tiles
  • Steel
  • EPDM

Buyers who include home inspection as an offer contingency.



A roof protects your whole house.

Roofing Inspection