Reasons for Mold Testing

A baseline mold inspection is essential to every homebuyer and homeowner in San Diego, because not knowing there’s a problem doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem. On the contrary, the more you know, the better prepared you can be if a problem develops.
  • For homebuyers in San Diego who are concerned about mold when purchasing a new home. Mold testing offers peace of mind in such a big decision.
  • For verified mold assessment and verification of need for remediation. Many insurance companies will not authorize mold remediation without demonstrated scientific testing.
  • To create the parameters for mold remediation. A testing company is usually consulted  to help define the boundaries of an affected area for the remediators. See here for mold inspection involving your pool and spa.
  • To identify the types of mold that are present in the home environment. Often times residents are curious if a mold presence could relate to medical symptoms they may be experiencing.
  • To find “hidden mold” or mold growth that may not be visible within the home’s immediate visual structure, but may be a cause for concern as a product of a known water leakage or the development of a moldy odor.
  • In support of a legal case where objective scientific evidence is needed to support legal action.


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Mold Testing Process

To begin the mold inspection process, clients must first disclose their reasons or concerns for warranting the services of our certified mold inspectors.

  • A preliminary visual inspection of each room will look for cues to microbial activity, water damage, moisture intrusion, dank odors. Suspicious areas may require readings from a moisture meter or a thermal imaging camera to further detect moisture within wall cavities.
  • The visual inspection will help suggest which rooms require an air sample reading alongside an outdoor control sample in order to determine if elevated conditions exist. Further sampling and mold assessment may be recommended in order to determine the source of the problem and its spread.
  • The resulting report of your home inspection will come directly from the lab and includes the types of molds, how your levels compared to “normal” levels, the glossary of mold, and a list of probable symptoms resulting from exposure. This is a legal and verifiable document.
  • A certified mold professional will guide you through the post-inspection process. They will go over the report with you, speak with us, and offer advice on how to best move forward in the mold remediation process. The mold removal process is no joke and can often times be more dangerous than the mold’s initial presence.

Mold Remediation And Mold Prevention

The formation of mold can be prevented by taking precautions and implementing best practices.

  • Address moisture issues and familiarize yourself with the possibilities for direct water intrusion due to structural leakage, plumbing problems, or foundational issues. An excess of humidity can also lead to increased condensation and mold growth and development.
  • Keep your home clean. A well-kept indoor environment is instrumental in preventing mold growth. Wiping surfaces with household cleaners such as bleach, borax, or vinegar can be helpful in treating and killing mold and its spores. Remember to avoid mixing solutions before reading the safety instructions to avoid intoxication.
  • People often forget that an air conditioning unit also doubles as a building’s dehumidifier. Well circulated airflow and ventilation helps prevent mold infestation risks by allowing water and condensation to escape. Remember to regularly check and clean your kitchen vent hood and HVAC filters.
  • Mold loves to grow in dark damp areas, so avoid piles of wet laundry and open your blinds and shades regularly. Ultraviolet light kills mold.

Mold remediation requires the intervention of licensed, trained professionals. We recommend you do not try to address the problem yourself, for your health and safety. Read the laws about Mold in San Diego!

Chronic Sinus Infections attributed to mold



Don’t let mold ruin your property and your health.

Mold Assessment

Up to 2,000 sq. ft $459 – 3 samples

2,001-3,000 sq. ft $519 –  4 samples

3,001-4,000 sq. ft $579 – 5 samples

Additional Samples $70