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What Is a Re-Inspection and When Is It Needed?

A buyer’s home inspection in San Diego is one of the final hurdles property sellers and buyers have to get through before the deal can be finalized. It’s also one of the most important steps in the whole process because it enables the buyer to identify any problems with the property and request the seller to adjust their asking price or perform the necessary repairs. 

Unless you have a background in construction (or a related field), hiring a home inspector is a must in order to avoid making a major financial decision you may regret at a later date. Not only do home inspectors know exactly what to look for when examining a home, they’re also able to detect and warn you about any red flags related to that particular property.

Which brings us to the topic of this article: in cases where the seller agrees to repair the property, how are these repairs verified? Should your home inspector perform a re-inspection to make sure all the repairs have been done correctly? Read on to learn more. 

Who verifies repairs after the home inspection?

The best way to verify that the repairs have been done correctly is by having the original inspector re-inspect the property. Doing so is especially important in cases where extensive repairs were requested, or the repairs were performed on crucial structural components such as a house’s foundation or electric. 

Important things to consider include:

Repair requests should be precise and straightforward

Specifying improper repairs or asking for the wrong items to be fixed is a common mistake buyers make at this step of the process. Luckily, a quality home inspection report should make all the problems and ways to fix them clear and easily understandable.

Focus on a few crucial repairs and don’t sweat the small stuff

Even a brand new home will have some small problems (eg., old and squeaky door hinges). Buyers should keep in mind that these insignificant issues matter very little in the context of 10, 20, or 30+ years of home ownership, and that demanding the seller to fix every little thing is just going to complicate things.

Instead, the buyer should focus on a handful of important problems that can have a meaningful impact on their future finances. 

Consider asking for building permits

By asking for building permits when requesting repairs, the buyer not only compels the seller to “play by the rules”, but also makes sure that the home was inspected by a licensed authority. The drawback of this approach is that it can take longer to complete. 

Avoid asking the seller to make repairs

When the seller takes care of the repairs, there’s always the risk that the final result won’t be in line with what the buyer considers to be acceptable. This can lead to further disagreements and repair requests, which can easily bog down the deal and cause it to fall through. 

Instead, it’s much better to request the seller to fund repairs, or have the price of the property changed to account for the necessary repairs. This way, the buyer will have full control over how the repairs are conducted. 

Where can I book a top-notch buyer’s home inspection in San Diego?

Do I need a reinspection after repairsNo matter how perfect it might look at a glance, that property in Palm City you’re thinking of buying or selling may be hiding all kinds of costly or even dangerous problems. Knowing about these issues in advance will enable you to make an informed financial decision and avoid costly complications later on. 

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