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Why You Should Always Be Present for Your Home Inspection

Whether you’re looking to sell a residential property, or you’re interested in purchasing a new home for yourself and your loved ones, you likely understand how valuable it is to have a reputable home inspector in your corner

After all, unless you have a background in construction, it’s unlikely that you possess the knowledge necessary to identify every problem a house may have. Without the help of licensed home inspectors in San Diego, CA, most people are at risk of accepting a bad deal that can hurt them financially for years to come. 

What many home sellers and buyers are confused about is whether they themselves need to attend their home inspection, or if simply studying the home inspection report their inspector sends them is enough. We’ll be addressing this question in the following article. Read on. 

Should you be present for a home inspection?

Why is it important for you to attend the home inspectionA home inspector’s client should always be present for the home inspection. Even if you have full confidence in your inspector and you’re sure they won’t find anything particularly problematic, you should still take the time out of your schedule to attend the inspection. 

Successful home inspection companies understand their clients are busy, and will be flexible when scheduling the inspection. If you’re still unable to show up for the inspection, you should arrange for a close family member or a trusted representative to be there in your stead. 

Why is it important for you to attend the home inspection?

For most people in the US, purchasing or selling a residential property is a huge financial decision. Leaving anything about it to chance can potentially lead to misunderstandings that can cause crucial details to be left unnoticed until it’s too late. 

You should attend your home inspection because:

  • You can ask questions. By being able to voice their concerns and ask specific questions on the spot, clients can get the kind of personalized information that a home inspector wouldn’t otherwise include in their report. 
  • You can see things in-person. No matter how many photos and descriptions a home inspection report includes, it’s not the same as seeing something with your own eyes. Being there during the inspection ensures that you know exactly what your inspector is talking about. 
  • You know you’re getting your money’s worth. While registered home inspectors take their profession very seriously, it’s still good for the client’s peace of mind to see that the inspector is performing their job as thoroughly as possible.

Should a seller be present for a buyer’s home inspection?

We advise against it. While a buyer can’t bar a seller from attending the inspection, many deals have fallen through because of emotional disagreements between the buyer and the seller during an inspection. It’s best for both the seller and the buyer if the buyer is allowed to conduct their inspection without the seller being present. 

Where can I hire the most competent home inspectors in San Diego, CA?

No matter how impeccable a property in Downtown San Diego may seem to be, it’s an indisputable fact that even brand new houses always have at least some problems. The last thing you want is to learn about these issues after you’ve already put the place up for sale, or worse, after you’ve bought it. 

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