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Tips for Hiring a Pre-Listing Home Inspector

Whether you’re in the position of the seller or that of the buyer, professional home inspectors San Diego can help you bid farewell to uncertainty. A pre-listing home inspector will try and spot every little hint of trouble which is easily overlooked by the untrained eye, yet may end up decreasing the value of your home. One of the many merits of a pre-listing home inspection for sellers is that it gives them the much needed insight into the actual state of their home and a realistic evaluation of the scope and cost of any repairs.

Whatever the outcome of a pre-listing home inspection, it is a wise decision to be taken before listing your home as it can buy you a precious commodity – time. But before you do make that decision, check out our tips on hiring a pre-listing home inspector.

Get proactive

As the seller, you might find yourself forced to seat around, frustrated and on edge while inspectors hired by your prospective buyers go about assessing the state of your home. In the process, they might discover issues you had no idea existed. This bleak scenario can be easily prevented if you beat them to it and take action yourself.


There is, however, a catch when it comes to hiring a pre-listing home inspector. It means that you accept to either make repairs or disclose to the seller the necessary repairs you might not be willing or able to pay for. It is up to you to decide whether you’re better off buying yourself more time for repairs or waiting for the seller to present you with their inspection’s potentially unpleasant findings and use them to try and re-negotiate your price.

Brace yourself for demanding buyers

You might be lucky enough to be dealing with reasonable buyers who will appreciate your effort to hire a pre-listing home inspector, make repairs and be transparent about the state of your home. In that case, you might even expect the buyer to be less willing to renegotiate your price and not even insist on their own inspection.


Pushier buyers might go ahead with their own inspection and ask for repairs in addition to the repairs you have completed. As unfair and annoying as this may seem to you, the seller, remember that any real estate transaction is a two-way street. Try to stay calm, keep the atmosphere of negotiations as amicable as possible and do your best to meet the buyer halfway, within your budget range.

The Inspectors Company’s pre-listing home inspector is your safest bet for a successful sale

Set your skepticism aside and have the Inspectors Company’s pre-listing home inspector come in and conduct a professional assessment of the state of your home. That way you’ll know if you need to make any urgent repairs before going through the whole ordeal of putting your place on the market. It will also give you some leeway and time to think things through before taking the next step. Call the Inspectors Company today and let us help you close the sale!