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Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

The general consensus among home inspectors, San Diego County, is that nothing should be left to chance. Better to be safe than sorry, and a pre-listing home inspection is a way of making sure of just that. We’ve already covered some tips for hiring a pre-listing home inspector that could come in handy to ensure that you hire the best pros in the area and be well-prepared for your inspection. Now, to sway the skeptics once and for all, we’ll focus on the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection.

Getting to know the actual state of your home

The main advantage of a pre-listing home inspection is the fact that you’ll be able to get a grasp of the condition of your home before setting the price. You do not need to fix every little issue found in the inspection, and you might even decide not to fix anything at all. However, knowing what should be fixed can help you decide what to do next, whether to sell the place as-is or make some pre-listing investments.

Take charge of any repairs

If you don’t conduct a pre-inspection, the results of the buyer’s home inspection might shock you, but not as much as the costs of repairs you’d be expected to pay for. When you’re pressed for time, or half-blackmailed by a challenging buyer, you might find yourself in a tight corner. However, if you do the repairs before listing your home, in your own time and on your own terms, you and only you will be in control of things.

Waste no time and take no chances

Without a pre-inspection, the buyer will definitely conduct their own inspection. This is a perfectly reasonable step, but one that might put you at a disadvantage. The buyer’s inspection might make discoveries regarding the state of your home that will come as an unpleasant surprise, to say the least. Not only will you have little time to make any repairs, but it might even cause the buyer to walk away.

This, in turn, means that your home goes back on the market and you’ll waste even more of your precious time. What’s more, the mere fact that the house came back on the market could deter other buyers.

Lower your liability

The prospective new owner of your home is likely to appreciate the fact that you were responsible enough to go the extra mile and hire a pre-inspector. Not only does it show that you’re willing to be forthcoming about the actual condition of your home, but also that you’ve always handled your home with the same care and diligence. It may even cause the buyer to decide to forgo their own pre-purchase home inspection.

Put your pre-listing home inspection in the hands of The Inspectors Company

Whether your home gets sold right away or goes back on the market multiple times is not up to you, but doing your best to ensure a successful sale is. That’s what a pre-listing home inspection is all about.

With The Inspectors Company, you can feel confident that our inspectors will work in your best interest to conduct a thorough inspection and advise you on which steps to take. Call us today and schedule an appointment!