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What’s Included in a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

What’s Included in a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

The time has come to sell your home and find something a little smaller. Before you place the property on the market, it’s smart to contact a professional and have the home inspected from top to bottom. Along with providing information that your real estate agent can use to pitch the home to prospective buyers, you also get a chance to use the inspection results to set a reasonable asking price.  Here are some of the more important elements that will be part of that inspection.

The Foundation

Buyers want assurance that the home is on a level and strong foundation. If there are any issues, they will eventually lead to walls that don’t quite meet, windows and doors that won’t shut properly, and additional stress on the roof. If the inspection uncovers any problems with the foundation you would do well to repair them before placing the house on the market.

The Windows and Doors

A thorough check of the doors and windows is a must. Are they in good shape? Do the windows contain double pane glass? Are the front and back doors sturdy and capable of providing excellent security?

If the inspection indicates the windows or doors are not in the best shape, you would do well to contact a windows contractors and look into making some updates. Energy-efficient windows and doors will make the home more appealing to buyers and allow you to command a higher asking price.

The Plumbing

Inspecting the plumbing involves making sure everything is up to code and that the pipes are protected from extreme weather conditions. Along with the pipes, checking the fixtures and making sure they are working properly is important. You can bet any prospective buyer is likely to turn on at least one tap to get an idea of how strong the water pressure happens to be.

The Wiring

Wiring must be up to current codes and free of any signs of damage. It doesn’t hurt if your home has a reasonable amount outlets in each room. All of them should be functional. If not, it’s time to call an electrician.

The Roofing

Assurances that the roof will last for at least several more years is a great selling point. When the roof is less than a decade old, free of damage, and the materials normally last for three or more decades, you have a winner. Should the inspection uncover any issues with a few shingles or the roof flashing, have the repairs done before you place the property on the market.

Safety Concerns

The inspector will be on the lookout for any possible safety issues. That includes loose carpeting on the stairs, uneven flooring, windows that are hard to open or slam shut for no apparent reason, and even locks that are hard to operate.

Take that list of concerns seriously. You can bet they would dampen the enthusiasm of any prospective buyer. Secure the loose carpeting, replace those old windows with new vinyl windows that work perfectly, and change the locks. Your investment will pay off in terms of a higher price and greater interest in the property.

Even if it’s several months before you plan on putting the home on the market, now is the time to arrange for a complete inspection. At best, you will find that there is nothing more than some cosmetic updates to get the house ready for showing. If there is some major structural work to do, there is time to make the repairs before that first open house. When the offers start coming in, you’ll see why all your efforts mattered so much.