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How to Find Hidden Mold in My House?

No words send shivers down a homeowner’s spine like house mold. Being a responsible homeowner yourself, knowing how to find hidden mold in house should be one of your top priorities. If you suspect mold but have doubts about whether you’ll know how to find hidden mold in house on your own, you’ll need a trusted mold inspector San Diego.

Likewise, only with an experienced and professional mold inspector can you cut the problem of mold at the root. Bear in mind that you cannot afford to take your time – if there is mold, it must be eliminated immediately. But first things first – let’s try and learn how to find hidden mold in house.

Detect Visible Mold

Knowing how to find hidden mold in the house boils down to knowing how to recognize its main telltale signs – especially the visual ones. Basically, all the places in your home that are dark, have high humidity and low ventilation are likely to harbor mold. This includes air ducts and vents.

Look for traces of dampness and excessive moisture. Any kind of water damage will likely have led to mold, so be sure to check the ceiling, walls and floors for cracks and moisture.

One of the things that makes mold such a sneaky enemy is that it can be easily confused with dirt or dust. On closer inspection, you’ll see whether it has that signature fuzzy, velvety texture. As for the color, it ranges from black to white, but most often, house mold is brown or green.

Wake up and smell the…mold

The one good thing about the musty smell of mold is that it is easily recognizable. This means that, even if you fail to find visible mold, you may be able to smell it. The best thing to do is close all the doors and windows and sniff around. Once you perceive that earthy, moldy odor, you’ll realize what you’re dealing with.

Can I remove mold by myself?

Unfortunately, this turn of events is not very likely. Mold thrives in damp places with poor flow of air and results in what are literally billions of spores everywhere. You may eliminate the mold you see on the surface, but it won’t be a permanent solution to the problem – it will simply grow right back. The only sure way to remove mold is to get rid of the source of unwanted moisture.

The Inspectors Company knows how to find hidden mold in house and obliterate it

Beside making your beautiful home lose its glory, mold poses a serious threat to the health of its inhabitants. If you do not know how to find hidden mold in house by yourself, or at least not all of it, leave the toilsome task to the professionals – The Inspectors Company’s mold inspectors. We will seek and destroy all the mold in your house, leaving you with a healthy home. Call us today and schedule the D-day for mold elimination!