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What Are the Symptoms of Mold in the House?

Mold can be a real health hazard, and scheduling a San Diego mold inspection is the only way to know what exactly you’re dealing with. With so many types of mold out there, you’ll need the help of a professional to obliterate the problem. But what you can and should do first is learn how to recognize the symptoms of mold in the house.

Visual red flags

Visual symptoms of mold in the house include white and thread-like mold growth, small black dots, black, grey, brown, green or blue patches. It can even be pink, purple or orange, depending on its location.

The places that usually harbor mold growth are damp and dark areas of your home. Check every nook and cranny for symptoms of mold in the house, namely:

the bathroom – the number 1 destination for molds due to being frequently warm and damp. Be sure to check the all the bathroom fixtures and accessories, as well as the shower curtain, the tile grout. Without proper ventilation, mold can literally be found everywhere in the bathroom, even your shampoo bottle;

kitchen – the second favorite destination for molds is the kitchen. Look for mold in and around the sink, the pantry, appliances – in and around the fridge, the stove and the microwave oven, windows and window sills, the trash can etc.;

the bedroom and the living room – be sure to check the mattress, the couch, various fabric surfaces, upholstery, curtains, fireplace and chimney, the windows and window sills, wallpapers, AC and heating vents, even indoor plants.

Visual symptoms of mold in the house can also be found on the floors, walls and ceilings. Also check the basement, the attic and the garage.

Mold odor

Mold on the outside of your home will have a stale smell, but noticing a musty, damp smell inside your home is a clear sign that you are dealing with house mold. Not only can you not cover up the stench, but must also resign yourself to the fact that it’s just going to get worse. It is both impossible and extremely dangerous to ignore.

Water-related issues

Any type of flooding may very likely lead to a problem with mold. The same applies to water intrusion, such as sewer backup. Water leaks of any kind, even a leaky pipe, can also cause mold.

Health issues

Even if you cannot see or smell mold, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. In fact, the most dangerous molds stay hidden. Unfortunately, symptoms of mold in the house often come in the form of health symptoms. These include respiratory issues, skin reactions, hemorrhages, irritation of the mucous membranes, fatigue, nausea, weakening of the immune system, even mental impairment and damage to vital organs.

We address the symptoms of mold in the house and attack the root of the issue

Molds can spread and virtually take over your home, but here at the Inspectors Company we make it our business to put a stop to it. It must be located and eliminated without leaving a shadow of a doubt about the safety of your home and family. Call us and schedule your mold inspection today!