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How to Find a Great Mold Inspector near Me?

When it comes to mold inspection and removal, just like with any other professional service you may require, you want it done perfectly and you want it done fast. “How do I find mold inspectors near me that fit the criteria?” is the first thing you are likely to ask yourself.

Regardless of whether you have managed to establish the existence of house mold by yourself or with professional assistance, only a capable local mold removal expert can help you get rid of it completely and permanently. But if you are new to the domain of house mold inspection and removal, how do you find a truly great and capable local mold removal expert? Allow us to help you decide.

Mold testing or mold remediation?

Some mold inspection companies offer only testing for mold, while others offer remediation which includes mold detection and repair. It is up to you to decide which one you want. If you go for remediation, be sure to check the company’s credentials, so you wouldn’t be given an exaggerated damage estimate and therefore overcharged. Also beware of mold removal companies which pose as certified mold inspection companies although they are not.


To make sure that you are not blindly paying for what is merely disguised as a professional mold inspection service, check how experienced your prospective mold inspector really is. An experienced local mold removal expert is likely to have conducted hundreds of mold inspections on an annual basis. This is of paramount importance because it means that they’ve come across a wide range of mold problems. This works to your advantage if you happen to have an unorthodox mold scenario.


Just because it’s called a certificate does not necessarily mean it’s a relevant one. Ask the company if they hold any mold professionals’ certificates of good standing and certificates of trade association membership, including other certificates that are nationally recognized and can be verified. Also make sure that the organizations that have issued the certificates are accredited. The same goes for mold inspectors’ certificates. A reliable local mold removal expert will likely have verifiable certificates that vouch for their expertise and work experience.


Internet reviews are pure gold. They usually paint a realistic and trustworthy picture of the service you can expect to get, as well as of the kind of customer approach the company takes. Most importantly, you can expect to be recommended a reliable local mold removal expert.

The Inspectors Company’s local mold removal expert at your beck and call

If your home happens to be plagued with pesky mold and you require a trusted local mold removal expert, worry not – The Inspectors Company’s got your back. Our InterNACHI-certified mold inspectors are well-equipped and trained to deal with mold of all shapes and sizes, having honed their skills over years of experience with even the most stubborn mold. Call us today and schedule an inspection!