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Types of House Mold

Whether you want to have your home in perfect condition to close a sale, or ensure that you and your posterity have a reliable piece of property, a mold inspection San Diego is always a wise investment. You should be well-informed about the various types of house mold, even if you see no reason to worry – before it becomes noticeable, mold stays well hidden. In fact, you might be completely unaware of the symptoms of mold so much so that it gets out of hand and becomes nearly impossible to subdue. By that time, its unpleasant sight will be the least of your worries, and your negligence will take its toll.

It is therefore of utmost importance that you are able to recognize which of the several types of house mold plagues your home and take a determined approach accordingly. One way to stay ahead of the game is to schedule a timely mold inspection. But just in case you are already getting suspicious, here’s a rundown of the common types of house mold and reasons why they must be taken care of.

Types of mold with hazard classification

Some types of house mold might have little to no impact on human health, but can cause material damage – Hazard Class C, which is of concern to responsible homeowners. But the real reason why house mold is considered such a huge issue nowadays is that we now know that it can have an adverse, even devastating, effect on our health.

As for the types of house mold that cause severe and chronic health issues, those in Hazard Class B are considered hazardous, especially with long exposure, and must not be taken lightly, while those in Hazard Class C are the most hazardous and must be eliminated immediately. Here’s a classification of the most common types of dangerous house mold with their hazard class.

Allergenic molds

This type of mold can cause allergies and allergic reactions such as asthma. Those already suffering from allergies could notice aggravation of their symptoms. Allergenic molds include Penicillin (Hazard Class B), Alternatia (Hazard Class B) and Cladosporium (Hazard Class B).

Pathogenic molds

These create health conditions in people already suffering from acute illnesses, as well as otherwise healthy individuals. The most common pathogenic mold found in homes is Aspergillus (Hazard Class A).

Toxigenic molds

Commonly known as toxic mold, toxigenic molds are the worst kind. By creating toxic substances, they cause dangerous health conditions with a potentially fatal outcome. The most common toxic mold found in homes is a type of the frightening black mold – Stachybotrys (Hazard Class A). Aspergillus (Hazard Class A) is also classified as toxigenic since many molds in this group are toxic.

Professional assistance with all types of house mold keeps your home safe and sound

Professional home inspection comes in many forms, but its main purpose is to make you feel at ease. The Inspectors Company has a team of professional house mold inspectors who know mold inside and out. Whether you need advice, prevention or getting rid of even the most stubborn types of house mold, we’ve got you covered, so call us today!