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Signs That Your Sewer Line Is In Deep Trouble

Whether through thermal imaging or other inspection techniques, your future self will thank you for not neglecting or overlooking the warning signs that your home or commercial property is sending you. With regular home inspections San Diego, avoid the common pitfalls and make sure that your home and, by extension, your sewer line, is in top shape.

Not only will this allow you to spend many years completely carefree, but you’ll also spare yourself any exorbitant repair costs if you should ever decide to put the place up for sale.

Listed here are the signs of common issues that affect your sewer line, signaling that an inspection of your sewer line is due. But first, word to the wise – an inspection is in order even before these signs start to appear.

Slow-draining fixtures

If the water won’t drain in at least one of your fixtures, do not overlook it. If the sink or another fixture in your bathroom or kitchen seems to be taking longer than normal to drain, consider this a red flag.

The problem might be clogging in the main pipe or a lateral one, causing multiple fixtures to drain slowly. Fluctuating water levels are another warning sign that there is a clog where it cannot be seen.

Backflow with sediment

If the backflow is followed by sediment, you might be in trouble. Sediment means that the water backing up is actually waste water from the sewer line.

Partial or complete backup

If you notice backup in a fixture or backups in multiple fixtures, there’s definitely a problem with your sewer line and immediate attention is needed.

Backup due to rain

Rainfall might cause the water to back up instead of just go out and this might require having a backflow retention device installed.

Foul smell

A properly-functioning sewer line will never allow your home or yard to be filled with odor. Any kind of breakage on your sewer line, however, will cause foul odor to be released.

Soggy turf

If your turf appears extra healthy, it might be a sign that your sewer line is not, especially if some patches of grass are greener than others. The sewage might be leaking and, while fertilizing your lawn, causing lasting damage to your home.


A fault in your sewer line might start to show so that you can see it. Mold can not only be a signal of a breakage in your sewer line, but also dangerous for your family’s health and safety.

DIY repairs don’t cut it

Perhaps you’ve tried removing the problem on your own, either by using a plunger or a drain cleaner. If that didn’t help, you might need to hire a pro for home inspections San Diego before you’re stuck with repair works on a larger scale, followed by enormous bills.

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