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How to Spot and Handle Septic Tank System Issues

One of the most notorious problems a homeowner can face is a septic tank system failure, which might even be self-inflicted. If overlooked or ignored, septic system issues can lead to a series of other problems and costly repairs.

Regular maintenance as a crucial precautionary measure and reliable septic tank inspection companies are therefore your best allies in making sure that the septic tank system does its job without a hitch.

First things first – here’s a rundown of the common septic system issues and fixes.

Recognizing the problems

As one of the best septic tank inspections companies, we have compiled a list of symptoms you might notice:

  • Fixtures drain slowly
  • Sewer backup
  • Noises and gurgling from the pipes
  • Foul smells in your home or yard
  • Septic tank contents level above the inlet pipe
  • Soil over the septic tank/drain field turns to mud or softens
  • Lush or dead turf over the septic tank

Common causes

To dig a little deeper, here are the likely causes of the septic system issues you are facing:

  • Tree roots in the tank or drain field
  • Driving/parking over the tank or drain field
  • Animals passing over the drain field
  • Broken pipes
  • Non-biodegradable chemicals in the septic tank
  • Adding the ”good” bacteria and enzymes
  • Septic system located on a steep slope
  • Settling of waste in the septic tank


Listed below are the four most common solutions recommended by professional septic tank inspections companies.

Septic tank pumping

As a rule of thumb, your septic tank should be pumped once every two to five years. Failure to do so might result in a massive buildup of solids which might lead to a blockage and system failure.

Installing effluent filters

An effluent filter can help prevent solids from filling your drain field, allowing it to drain properly. But if there is already biomat – a slimy mat-like formation consisting of bacteria – on the surface of your drain field, this won’t work.

Adding the ”good” bacteria and enzymes

This is only a temporary fix which can also backfire easily and turn into a cause of your septic system issue. The good bacteria are put in a hostile environment, so you would be forced to constantly add more. Should you stop, a septic system failure is likely. Enzymes, on the other hand, mean more solids and even more clogging.

Drain field replacement

As professional septic tank inspections companies will tell you, replacing your drain field might be the most reliable solution, albeit the most expensive one. A new drain field will help your septic tank live longer, but it might not remove all the underlying causes of the septic system failure.

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