Scope of a Pool & Spa Inspection

Pool and spa inspections are necessary for keeping your swimming environment and equipment in proper functioning order for the health and safety of participants.

The quality of your pool and/or spa’s water and the setting it is kept in is subject to thorough investigation by our certified pool and spa inspectors. Water safety is directly equivalent to human safety and it is our main concern to address and detect potential hazardous situations.

At The Inspectors Company, we go far beyond a cursory look of the pool and spa condition. Our inspection follows a comprehensive checklist and no detail is overlooked.


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Pool & Spa Inspection Checklist

  • Ample storage space for necessary equipment
  • Clear, uncluttered pool decks
  • Slip-resistant surfaces leading to the pool, decks up to minimum pool safety standards code
  • All deck equipment tightly secured including ladders, stanchions, chairs, rails, treads, plates, etc.
  • No standing water puddles on pool or spa deck surfaces
  • Contrasting and marked areas for steps, treads, ramps, ledges, etc.
  • No harsh or unpleasant odors or fumes
  • No apparent physical damage to pool equipment
  • Visible and securely fastened drain grates
  • Daily reported vacuuming of pool
  • Water clear of visible debris, showing no discoloration or algae growth
  • Regular reported testing of pool water quality and chemical levels within acceptable ranges
  • Appropriate measurement, maintenance, and record or water temperature
  • Adequate heater identified and properly installed
  • Proper storage of pool chemicals
  • Proper lighting and electrical components safely installed
  • And more…

Who is a pool inspection for?

For most home buyers, a thorough pool inspection and/or spa inspection is a necessary service afforded, in addition to services such as Radon testing and mold inspection, especially in the presence of children and pets. Proper inspection of pool and spa areas requires the attention of certified pool and spa inspectors in order to adequately address possible health and safety hazards and concerns. The results of an inspection could even persuade decisions made during on-going real estate transactions.

Home sellers should also strongly consider a pool and spa inspection in addition to the pre-listing inspection. Moreover, continued adherence to pool safety guidelines and pool inspection standards should be regularly checked (every 2-3 years) at the responsibility of the San Diego home owners.

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Pool & Spa Inspection