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Property Selling Guide for Homeowners in a Hurry

How do you make sure your house sells fastJust because your place looks amazing doesn’t mean it’ll sell fast. You can be sure that serious buyers in Carlsbad, CA, will hire reputable home inspection services that will scrutinize your home from top to bottom, finding even the tiniest of flaws. This can make the other side pull out of the deal even if they really like the place.

But guess what: you can schedule a property inspection of your own before putting your house on the market. This way, you’ll discover any issues you need to fix before the sale, which can help you seal the deal in no time. That’s just one of the ways you can sell your property faster. Read on for more tried-and-true tips on how to quickly sell a house.

How do you make sure your house sells fast?

Here’s how to help ensure your house sells fast and for a great price:

Hire home inspectors

One of the biggest errors you can make when selling a property is to put it on the market without having the place examined. It’s also among the many mistakes you can make as a buyer, but what makes home inspections so important?

The answer is simple. By turning your attention to various flaws (e.g., roof issues and poor plumbing), an inspector tells you what you should fix to get the best price possible. This lets you prepare for the sale and attract people who are looking for a well-maintained home.


You want prospective buyers to be able to visualize themselves living in the house. They certainly can’t do that if the place is cluttered. Therefore, clean up any mess on your floor, chairs, sofas, and other furniture. Put it in a bit or throw it away. Once you do, the area will appear much larger, and people will be able to see all the perks of your living space.

Give it a new paint job

Consider giving your kitchen, bedroom, and living room a new paint job. It’ll refresh the interior and be more attractive to buyers, especially if you choose a trendy color, such as beige, pale pink, and gray.

Looking for top-rated Carlsbad, CA, home inspection servicesLight it up

Besides decluttering, another way to make your property seem bigger is to put up mirrors and add lamps in dark corners. Add these fine details to your hallways and other smaller areas because they need more help than your living room and bedroom.

Incorporate lovely scents

The last thing you want is to put people off buying your house with foul smells. Here are a few ways to get rid of them and replace the odors with lovely scents:

  • Wash bins, clear drains, and open kitchen windows to eliminate old cooking smells. 
  • Remove or clean furniture with overpowering cigarette smoke. 
  • Put bowls with vinegar throughout the house if you’re a smoker, and let them absorb the smells for at least three days.
  • Add essential oils and scented candles.

Looking for top-rated Carlsbad, CA, home inspection services?

After selling your property, you want to make sure your new house is suitable. That’s exactly what you can accomplish with The Inspectors Company. As the finest home inspection provider in the region, we guarantee in-depth examinations, regardless of the type of property you want us to investigate.

Be it a condo or a house near Carlsbad State Beach or in one of the nearby cities, we’ll use all our expertise and advanced tools to reveal every major flaw of the place. We also offer comprehensive condition reports and recommendations on how to address the issues. Contact us today!