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How Experts Implement Thermal Imaging

How do professionals use thermal imaging during a home inspectionRegular home inspections should be on every homeowner’s checklist. Sometimes it’s hard to see leaks, pest infestations, or electrical irregularities with a naked eye, and, given that they can be potential health hazards, it’s important that you do regular checkups of your home. This is where thermal imaging comes in handy. Equipment used for thermal imaging can detect any abnormality that you’d otherwise miss when checking up on your home.

If your San Diego home requires thermal imaging inspection make sure to book licensed professionals that will take a detailed look at all the areas of your home and report any issues.

Do home inspectors use thermal imaging?

Although not all home inspection companies use thermal images, most of them do, and for a good reason. Thermal imaging can detect anomalies within a home that may otherwise not be visible, including a pest infestation, water and gas leaks, as well as electrical issues with devices, installations and electrical systems.

Given that home inspections are important for the its longevity as well as the health of people living inside, you should really look for companies that do use thermal imaging when booking a home inspection service.

How do professionals use thermal imaging during a home inspection?

Professional house inspectors rely on their thermal imaging infrared cameras when inspecting a home. These infrared cameras are utilized by pointing them at areas of interest or potential anomaly presence. 

After “scanning” the area/spot, house inspectors then look at the readings to see if any abnormality is present and if remediation is needed and report it to the owner of the home. 

Moisture, leak and plumbing detection

By using thermal imaging equipment to look at your walls and ceilings, inspectors can easily detect any present moisture that might be an indication of a leak due to faulty piping. Early leak detection will not only save you money in wall repairs, but also help prevent mold growth which can be harmful to your health.

When it comes to plumbing and gas systems, thermal cameras can easily show if there are any leaks via temperature and heat anomaly presence.

Electrical issues detection

Electrical installations may become faulty over time for a number of reasons, or they may even be improperly set-up in the first place. By pointing the thermal imaging equipment at electrical and fuse boxes and other electrical installations in your home, inspectors can see if there are any overloaded circuits or other electrical issues.

Home pest and insect detection

Infrared cameras can also detect pest nests such as those of rodents or termites. As their presence can result in structural and other damage to your home, you must deal with the issue accordingly if their presence is detected.

Do home inspectors use thermal imagingWhere in San Diego can I find a professional thermal imaging company?

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