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2020 Home Inspection Tips for Sellers

For most Americans, selling a piece of real estate is a huge decision that will almost certainly have a large effect on their future financial situation. So it goes without saying that extra care must be taken to ensure the property in question can be sold at the highest possible price.

This is where a trained San Marcos home inspector comes in. By conducting an extensive visual examination of the property, a home inspector can help sellers identify any small and large problems that may affect if and at what price the property can be sold.  

In previous articles, we explained how inspections are conducted and whether inspectors are liable for the ensuing damages if they miss something. Now we’ll take a closer look at how inspectors can help sellers prepare their property for the market, which is the key benefit of a pre-sale home inspection. Keep reading to learn more. 

How do you pass a home inspection?

There’s no such thing as a “passed” home inspection, because a home inspection isn’t a test that can be failed or passed. The goal of an inspection is to examine the given property for any problems that must be fixed before the property can legally be sold, or that may negatively impact its market value. 

The goal of a home inspection is to supply expert-level information about a given home to the party that has hired the home inspector. It’s up to the client (in this case, the seller) to decide whether they intend to fix any problems the inspector finds, or try to sell the property as is.

Which repairs are mandatory before a home can be sold?Which repairs should I prioritize

Unfortunately, a universal answer to this question doesn’t exist. This is because every state has its own set of regulations governing real estate transactions. Your best option is to study the local regulations and figure out whether your property can legally be sold without repairs or not.

Which repairs should I prioritize?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to which repairs are the most important for a given property. That being said, most buyers care only about the larger (and more expensive) problems, and rarely sweat the small issues that can be repaired at a later date. 

Problems buyers care about the most include:

  • Mechanical and structural stuff such as the condition of the roof, heating system, air conditioning, electrical panel, piping, etc., are at the forefront of most buyers’ minds. If any of these areas are on their last leg, you may either want to consider fixing them before putting the home up for sale, or lowering the asking price accordingly.
  • Exterior is crucial because it’s the first thing prospective buyers see. At the very least, you should consider mowing the lawn, cleaning the driveway, repainting the outer walls, and fixing any stucco cracks or wood rot that may be present.
  • Flooring that is old or damaged should be redone before the house is put up for sale. Luckily for you, there are many cheap options that look great and are just as durable as higher quality parquet or tile flooring. 

Where can I hire a first-rate San Marcos home inspector?

Having serious problems that cost a lot of money to repair can cause even a highly desirable property near the Las Posas Pool to get underwhelming offers from buyers. Fixing these issues after the home is already on the market is impractical, which is why sellers should always hire a reputable home inspector to examine the property beforehand.

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