4-point Home Inspections San Diego, CA

Purpose of 4-point home inspections San Diego

Unlike a complete home inspection, a 4-point home inspection is the bare minimum that any house should undergo. The inspection process boils down to checking the four essential sources of hazard in any home and provides information about the extent of damage and repairs to the home.

Deciding to get an insurance policy on your home is definitely a wise decision. However, prepared to jump through some hoops before getting the policy, especially if your home is old and hasn’t been inspected in a while.

Among the criteria the house is required to meet before the insurance policy is issued is to undergo a 4-point inspection, which is used to evaluate the state of your home by looking into the most problematic areas. Insurance companies require checking the four most important aspects of any home, as each can be a potential source of liability for the company.


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What do 4-point home inspections in San Diego consist of?

In the city of San Diego, home inspections are in an increasingly high demand. Whether because you want to raise the value of your property, seal the deal or ensure the health and safety of your family, a 4-point inspection is the way to go! Entrust your 4-point inspection to Inspectors Company. Our first-rate San Diego home inspectors will guide you through the process every step of the way and you’ll feel reassured knowing that your home is in competent hands of genuinely experienced and highly qualified professionals.

Inspectors Company has home inspectors San Diego County is proud to call its own. We are a NACHI-certified house inspection company you can trust to inspect your home thoroughly and comprehensively, give you a piece of mind and ultimately help you decide what to do with your home going forward.

Each 4-point inspection consists of:

  • Inspection of the roof
  • Inspection of the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system
  • Inspection of the electrical systems
  • Inspection of the plumbing system.

Why do I need a 4-point home inspection of my San Diego home?

A 4-point inspection is recommended for home buyers and sellers alike. If you are thinking of putting the house on the market, a thorough pre-listing inspection of your San Diego home is the way to go.

If, on the other hand, you’re thinking of buying a home, you want to make absolutely certain that the home is worth the heavy investment and that it is, in fact, your dream house. This is especially true if you’re a first-time buyer, which is why the majority of prospective buyers of San Diego homes schedule a buyer inspection before taking any other definitive steps.

You’ll want to know whether your potential new home requires any repairs, who will be performing them and whether you can you get a price reduction. You’ll want to make sure that you’ll be getting your money’s worth or decide to renegotiate the price.

Last but not least, you’ll learn if there’s a major problem with the house that you won’t nothing to do with! Finally, you’ll have a piece of mind, knowing that there are no risks involved and no potential hazards hanging over your head.

Inspectors Company: the house inspection company that you can always rely on

When it comes to inspecting your property, you cannot afford to take any chances. If you’re buying the house, should you forgo the endeavor, demand repairs or negotiate the price? If you’re selling the place, should you make additional investments to raise the home’s value or give up on selling it altogether?

If the latter is the case, is the house safe enough for your family? So many questions! Your new San Diego home inspector will give you their expert opinion and you’ll know with certainty what is the course of action you should pursue.

What you need is a home inspection company which will take all the necessary steps to cater to your needs and conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection. This is what a 4-point inspection is all about: leaving nothing to chance and giving you the much-needed professional recommendations and reassurance regarding your home.

Since we only work with professional inspectors in San Diego, home inspection services we deliver are performed to a high standard. All our inspectors are committed to delivering an outstanding quality of service, enabling the clients to make the best possible decision and feel confident about it.

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