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How to choose the right home inspector?

For prospective real estate sellers and buyers in San Diego, CA, home inspector companies are not hard to find. Firstly, the real estate market is thriving, secondly, everybody wants to make sure they are getting the most out of every transaction. This is why they want to give the job to a home inspector with the most professional, thorough and comprehensive approach to home inspection. For many home buyers, it might be the only such transaction they will ever dare venture into, so they obviously don’t want to take any chances. Home sellers want to make sure they get the most for the home in which they put so much time, money, energy, hopes and dreams. Last but not least, they want to delegate the task to a genuine home inspection professional. But how to choose the right home inspector?

Check Internet reviews and seek recommendations

People just love leaving reviews, which is good news for you. And don’t worry about their authenticity, as you can trust most online reviews to be honest and truthful. Also ask friends and family for recommendations and the prospective home inspection company for credentials. Gaining insight into all that should give you more peace of mind.

How to choose the right home inspector? Ask about your role

The right home inspector wants you to be around, maybe not breathing down their neck, but they want you to stick around nonetheless. After all, it is in your best interest that the home inspection is as detailed as possible. You can help out, too, as you’re likely to notice issues that would otherwise have gone undetected.

On the other hand, if they don’t want you around, you need to be absolutely sure that the reason for this is their genuine professionalism and firm resolve to avoid disturbance of any kind and not their intention to slack off.

Do not look at cost alone

If you want to know how to choose the right home inspector, you need to first set your priorities straight. Namely, if your primary concern is the cost alone and you go for the cheapest option, which is a common home inspection mistake people tend to make, you might get stuck with a charlatan with no OSHA compliance, with inadequate tools and outdated equipment.

Ask for a sample report

What you want the inspector to focus on most and what the inspector thinks you want them to focus on most are often not the same thing. If reviewed carefully, the sample report will give you sufficient information to know who you’re dealing with – or do not want to deal with.

How to choose the right home inspector? There’s no doubt: The Inspectors Company!

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