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How to Handle a Challenging Buyer

If you’ve decided to put your commercial property up for sale, you are probably aware that you need to brace yourself in more ways than one. Chances are you are going to come across demanding and difficult buyers. After all, they are about to make a huge investment and want to make sure they are getting their money’s worth. Commercial building inspections can make your life easier. By preparing for a commercial inspection, you’ll also be better prepared to deal with a challenging buyer.

The whole point of commercial building inspections in this scenario is to be informed about the real state of your commercial property. This will also give you the valuable know-how so you don’t get caught off guard by any tricky questions and difficult demands your prospective buyer might have.

Schedule the inspection before your buyer does

After dedicating years of hard work and what is more than likely an exorbitant amount of money on maintenance and repairs, it’s simply unfair that you should be left in the dark about the outcome of the inspection of your own property. Before the buyer and what is probably an entourage of his inspectors and agents decide to carry out an inspection, schedule your own.

True, commercial building inspections cost money, but it’s really an investment in your financial future. The outcome of the inspection and the final evaluation will help you make a sound decision regarding a potential price reduction. More importantly, there won’t be any uncertainties to worry about and you’ll know exactly what to expect when dealing with even the most challenging buyers.

Bear the cost of the repairs or sell as is?

The decision is up to you, but remember that a challenging buyer might walk away from the deal as soon as words “as is” are spoken. It’s wiser to try an amicable approach and meet the buyer halfway. The reasonable option is to either offer to cover the costs of the repairs or renegotiate the purchase price to an extent.

Don’t be too optimistic – no matter how responsible of an owner you are, the nitpicky will always find faults to complain about. In fact, expect a list of repair requests, but don’t give into the unreasonable ones, say, those concerning the cosmetic details.

Stay patient and keep negotiating

Stand your ground but do not be stubborn, just stay calm and negotiate the terms in a reasonable manner. After all, chances are that the buyer is as anxious to close the deal as you are.

Detailed and dependable commercial building inspections

If you’ve decided to sell your commercial property, commercial building inspections will provide you with an invaluable insight. Not only will you be thoroughly informed about the condition of your property, but also be better equipped to deal with any difficult buyers. Here at The Inspectors Company, we know that your property required years of investment and maintenance and will do our best to help you close the most favorable deal.