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Mistakes Homeowners Make with their Septic Systems

Your septic tank system is definitely one of the most sensitive parts of your household. Not only does it require regular maintenance but also careful handling. Unfortunately, some of our daily habits are directly compromising the health and functioning of our septic tank systems.

You can always call in a local San Diego inspection company to have the system checked, but there are some things you should change straight away, even if (and sometimes, especially if) you are planning to put your house up for sale.

Here are the behaviors you need to ban from your household today.

Overloading the system with water

You can prevent the septic system from overloading by conserving water. If there is a leaky faucet in the house, have it fixed to avoid water waste. You should also avoid doing all your laundry on one day; spread it throughout the week instead.

Driving or parking over the tank or drain field

Many homeowners make the mistake of parking over their septic system. Not only should they avoid doing that but also make sure others don’t do it either. This advice applies to all parts of the septic system, including the drain field.

Covering the drain field with a hard surface

The area that covers the drain field shouldn’t be made of concrete or asphalt. Basically, only grass is allowed. While you may think a concrete cover is efficient because it will contain the smell, you should know that grass is far more beneficial. Firstly, it makes sure the soil doesn’t erode. And secondly, it helps to get rid of excess water.

Plantscaping over the drain field

You shouldn’t plant shrubs or trees over or near the drain field.  The reason is simple: the roots can damage the drain lines if they get out of control. Even if you are careful and have the plantscaping done by a professional, it’s still risky.

Doing repairs without a permit

Before you have your septic system repaired, you should obtain a permit from your local health department. This is where a licensed San Diego inspection company can help; obtaining the necessary permits is usually part of their service.

Overusing septic tank additives

Septic tank additives are reported to provide minimal benefits to septic tank systems. In some cases, they can do more harm than good. For example, additives can sometimes lead to the discharge of sludge and scum from the septic tank into the drain field. While it’s true that additives will remove solids from the tank, just stop to ask this question: where will the solids go from there? The answer is – the disposal area, which will, as a result, get shut off. Finally, the whole system may be compromised.

Therefore, don’t simply assume that you are supposed to use additives – consult a reliable local septic tank inspector about how to use them or whether you should use them in the first place.

Straining the system with garbage

You should consult a local regulatory or inspector agency about using your garbage disposal. Whatever garbage disposal system you have, you should make sure that the septic system has the required capacity for the additional waste. Some experts would even suggest that you steer clear of garbage disposals because they lead to the greater accumulation of solids in the septic tank.

Treating your toilet like a trash can

Many homeowners make the mistake of using the toilet as if it was a trash can, disposing of used tissues, diapers, handi-wipes and other objects directly into the toilet. This habit may lead to clogging and compromise the efficiency of the whole septic tank system.

Letting harsh chemicals reach the septic system

If you are like most homeowners, you probably pour chemicals such as cleaners and chlorine down the drain. These chemicals can be detrimental to the bacteria in charge of cleaning the wastewater within the septic tank system.

Reliable San Diego Inspection Company to the Rescue!

Don’t risk the health of your family by neglecting your septic tank system. Call in a trusted San Diego septic system inspector to have the system thoroughly checked. Also, account for regular maintenance and consult the inspector about preventative measures you and your family can take. Make sure you don’t make the mistakes that can endanger your household.